The Reunion [Fanmix + Art]

Title: The Reunion
Creator: nvrbnkisst / nvrbnkisst
Form: Fanmix inluding 1 wallpaper, 4 gifs, and thoughts.

The theme ‘Time After Time’ got me thinking this round, and I knew I wanted to do something kind of AU.
So this is a fanmix + art stuff that is basically a soundtrack to some of my crazy post-chosen-head-canon/thoughts for these two crazy kids.

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Mix: Hey Baby, Won’t You Take a Chance?

Hi! My posting day has technically been over for an hour and forty-six minutes. I wrote my posting date down wrong, and thought I was supposed to be posting on the seventeenth, not the sixteenth. My fic isn’t quite post-ready (I was planning on polishing it up in the morning and posting in the evening) so I’m going to wait for free-for-all day. But I have a fanmix ready to go now, so I hope lirazel will forgive me for encroaching on her day :-/ I am so sorry for the mix-up!

Songs, lyrics, and a gifspam can be found on my LJ at this link:

Fanmix: No One’s Ever Gonna Love You

Originally, I wanted to write one more fic for before this round ended, but RL has not been conducive to anything that requires long bursts of focus or creativity, so. Instead, I decided to finish up this Spike/Buffy mix that I’ve had sitting about half-done in my iTunes since forever.

It’s basically my soundtrack to Buffy and Spike’s relationship (from Spike’s POV) starting in season five once Spike decides he’s in love with Buffy and then going on through the rest of their on-show relationship (with a heavy emphasis on s6-esque songs because that’s currently my favorite season due to all of the angst and makeouts).

Many, many thanks to the mods for running and maintaining this awesome community <3333

Fanmix: Burning in Blue

Here be my next offering :-). So, my typical listening fair is either classic rock or blues, jazz, and ancient recordings of showtunes, etc. Listening to some of these exquisitely crafted songs while trying to write fic, I just couldn’t help but think of my favorite fictional pair. So I put together a bunch of old songs by female blues and jazz singers. You can probably tell my musical crushes by this mix (Billie Holiday and George Gershwin topping the list).

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Spuffy Extravaganza! the!SEQUEL: Fanmix (I Should Have Told You)

Title: I Should have Told You
Creator: Nvrbnkisst
Form: Fanmix

This is a short fanmix that I put together.
I’ve decided that the scene on the cover of this mix is my favorite Spuffy scene (this will eventually change as it always does)
The scene has the perfect mix of everything I think represents Spike and Buffy and the way they interact with each other. Fear, Vulnerability, Laughter. Even though it lacks a punch and or kiss.

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fanmix: you are what you love

I’ve made a number of fanmixes in the past, and when I do, I usually strive to make the perfect soundtrack-narrative for others – it’s rarely the music that works best for me in my own head. I’m not sure how well this mix will translate from my head to yours, but these are the songs I keep in regular rotation that are my Spuffy soundtrack, and I hope you enjoy them! This selection is pretty heavily season 6 flavored, which is unsurprising as it’s one of my favorite seasons for Spuffy. ;)


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Heavy In Your Arms – A Spuffy Fanmix

Hey All! So, it’s my posting day and I’ve been really excited for it because I actually worked hard this round on my submissions. Up first is a fanmix – Heavy in Your Arms. It’s a collection of music that I love, mostly mainstream, but always fun and sing along-able. There’s some punk for Spike at the beginning, some pop for Buffy at the end, and lots of alt-rock for me. All the songs remind me of Spuffy in some way, and they all relate to some aspect of their relationship.

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Fanmix & Picspam Combo Meal!

I had originally intended to have a fic ready to post… but, alas, I do not.  I’ve been a little busy lately–I hope to have the fic ready by the open-posting day.  But!  For now, as an alternative offering, I present you lovely people with this fanmix/picspam.

This was the first fanmix I’ve ever done–and it was so fun to make, you guys. It ran a little long because I couldn’t stop adding songs.  So, it may not all fit on an audio CD, but it would certainly fit if you burn it in mp3 format.  Also, warning: vulgar language, sexy language, some loud and much awesome music.

I just wanna give a special shout out to angearia and eilowyn for the inspiration to put this together!

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