Spike Wins the Soul in Kitten Poker: the fridge poem (and banner)

Title: Spike Wins the Soul in Kitten Poker
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz
Setting: “Life Serial”
Rating: G
Notes: Whoops, it’s late! I started posting this before midnight, I promise…
Major props to maryperk73703  for the irresistible prompt and to the_wiggins  for betaing this thing into the night and gifting me with a stack of thoughtful comments taller than the poem.

Well, I say poem. This feels only borderline poem-y to me, but the poetry magnets made writing simpler in some ways, and I wasn’t going to do sentences.

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“Life Serial” limerick

Title: Life Serial limerick
Author: thenewbuzwuzz
Era/Season/Setting: s6
Rating: G
Notes: What would a “Fool for Love” anniversary be without any bloody awful poetry? :) To make sure we have at least a little of that, here’s a tiny little limerick (which is also the longest piece of fiction I’ve completed in the last three months, yay!).

She’s neither a shop girl nor a schoolgirl.
She’s a fighter, commander, and doer.
She’s a creature of dark,
and this demon bar
will for sure be the right place to woo her.

ETA: this is, of course, halfway found poetry, so credit to David Fury or Jane Espenson or whoever wrote “You’re not a schoolgirl. You’re not a shop girl. You’re a creature of the darkness. Like me.” – Life Serial

Further note: this post continues in the comments.

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Narrative poem: Haikus Illegal in Several States

Title: Haikus Illegal in Several States
Author: thenewbuzwuzz
Setting: Something Blue
Rating: rated R for language, smut-adjacent crack, and illegal activities
Word Count: around 500.

I’ve wanted to write this concept since 2016.
It’s a Hidden Gems Secret Santa gift for stuffnonsense, who asked for a series of interconnected haiku.
I set my string of Spuffy haiku in Something Blue, because it’s not like that has been done before, in this very community, excellently.
Many thanks to the_wiggins for awesome beta help!

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Poem – She Rides With Him

Title: She Rides With Him
Author: the_wiggins
Era/season/setting: In between seasons 5 and 6. Shortly after The Gift.
Rating: T
Warnings: Suicidal ideation/sorta attempt, car crash. (No depictions of character death.)
Author’s Note: My first fanfic poem. Would never have thought to do it if it weren’t for thenewbuzwuzz‘s influence and all of her wonderful work promoting BTVS poetry. And thank you so much Buzwuzz for agreeing to beta on such short notice! You are a treasure. <3
This was initially intended to be one of those “X number of times this thing didn’t actually happen and one time it did” kinda things. Except that one of the sections just kinda took over and next thing I knew it was the whole poem and way longer than I’d entended the combined 5 sections to be in the first place. Of course it was also the most angsty by far. But despite the angst, I don’t think it’s entirely grim. I hope you all like it!
Conscrit is always welcome.

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S12 comics limerick and panel edit

Title: S12 comics limerick and edited panel
Creator: Double Dutchess
Era: Season 12 comics

Because I have been traveling, I didn’t have the opportunity to make anything substantial for this free-for-all. But inspired by the very recent comics developments, and by ‘s wonderful limericks, I tried my hand at a limerick myself. I know it’s a pretty bad one, but it’s my first, and it was made in about 5 minutes :-) I also did a very quick and simple comics panel edit. (Thanks to for providing the comics page containing this panel.)

If you don’t want to be spoiled for the Season 12 comics, DON’T look under the cut!!
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By day, she was Anne.
Anne had seen it all; no skeezy guys with groping hands could surprise her.
Anne had done it all; no writing bodies on packed dance floors could interest her.
Anne had heard it all; no gentle words of love could reach her.
Anne was impenetrable; her flimsy uniform armoured her against a world filled with pain.
Anne was alone.

By night, she was Buffy.
Buffy really had seen it all; seen the monsters that most believed were mere  fantasy.
Buffy really had done it all; done terrible things in the name of saving the world.
Buffy really had heard it all; heard the lies that love made you believe.
Buffy was shattered, the certainty of youth and love falling in tatters around her, leaving her defenseless.
Buffy was alone.


By night, she was Slayer.
Slayer had seen it all; nothing hiding in the shadows could frighten her.
Slayer had done it all; nothing was beyond her ability to kill.
Slayer had heard it all; nothing was real or true or worth listening to.
Slayer was strong; her body honed to a razor’s edge that inflicted only pain.
Slayer was alone.

By day, she was Buffy.
Buffy really had seen it all; seen the pain that only life can cause.
Buffy really had done it all; done impossible things at unfathomable cost.
Buffy really had heard it all; heard honesty in lies and deceit in promises.
Buffy was weak, her heart torn apart by those who claimed to be defenders.
Buffy was alone.

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11 cinquain poems

Title: 11 cinquain poems
Author: thenewbuzwuzz
Season: 2 and 5-7, but mostly 6
Rating: G, I think
Spike/Other warning: temporary Spike/Drusilla.
A/N: This post brought to you by the BtVS cinquains of dawnofme, though I tried (vaguely) for a different variation of the form.
OffYourBird kindly helped me make a couple of these less cryptic. <3
Shoutout also to the_wiggins, whose useful comment on a different work made me stop and look at one of these and think, ‘Hey, this could be less convoluted’. You can thank thewiggins for not having to sprain your brain as you read, I hope.
I always appreciate feedback, including about things that don’t work so well.

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Manip – Blackout Poems

The script I worked from is Beneath You – one of my all time favorite episodes of the entire series and one of the finest performances of James Marsters and Sarah Michell Gellar.  Hope you like the poems I came up with – I plan on doing others.   I did not have the time to do the third one – I wanted to do the final “can we rest now” section – no time.

Once again I was reminded of how different the shooting scripts and the final episodes were – the superb church scene, which as I understand was worked on by Joss Whedon, is so different.  With no intent to belittle the script created by Douglas Petrie – the final church scene takes on the quality of a soul in torment and chaos reaching out to the mercy of devine intervention which for Spike is Buffy which eventually becomes their cleansing and joining in Chosen.

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Free for all day: blackout poems from shooting scripts

Good morning! *beams* It’s a beautiful day to ship Spuffy.

The idea: Because any Buffy script can be Spuffy if you read between the lines. ;)
Thanks: to the mods for making the whole thing happen; freecat15 for encouraging me; the absent tumblr user alightintheswamp for betaing the “Welcome to the Hellmouth” poem.
Explanations & excuses: The poems are NOT set during the episodes that the words are from. I’ve included text versions and two kinds of clickable image versions, so if you want you can try and read the classic blackout way, or look at where the words came from. I ignore capitalization for the text versions, and I messed with the unused parts of the text a little so that the images wouldn’t be too huge.
Rating Tagging NC-17 in case, for mentions of sex.
Medium: blackout poetry.
Other pairings: not intentionally. I’ve stretched the name “Will” to mean William the Bloody in one line, so if that doesn’t work for you, it’s a Willow/Buffy poem. I hope it does work for you.
Disclaimer: All the words were written by Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt. I merely selected the ones I like best. The only pay I’m after is attention.

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Fic: The Anniversary Gift (Chapter 1/2, R) by feliciacraft

Here is the second offering I have for you today! (The first story, “Those Three Little Words”, is posted here.)

May I present the first part of a fluffy fic, set in a happier and Spuffier AU Season 7. The second part of the story will be posted on one of the remaining free-for-all days.

Title: The Anniversary Gift (Chapter 1)
Word count: ~1400
Summary: A first Spuffy anniversary. In this chapter, Buffy attempts to write a poem as an anniversary gift for Spike. Yeeeah. :P
Setting: AU S7 without the dark S6, because it’s my story. :)
Rating: R (so far) for suggestive content.
A/N: Felicia turns her back on angst/drama for fluffy humor! *gasp* (And has Buffy suffer through writer’s block as a surrogate.) :P Context-switching between writing this goofy story and the more somber Those Three Little Words (posted just before this) has been a bipolar experience. Hopefully it turned out OK so far. Beta’d by the effulgent All4Spike.
Feedback: Won’t you please be so kind? :)

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Vid: 4’33” by Quinara

Hello again! This is a bit of an experiment for me (definitely more so than my earlier fic), but I hope people enjoy it all the same. :)

So, John Cage’s 4’33” is a piece of music made out of silence – or more specifically ambient sounds. It was released as a single last December, in a bid for the Christmas No. 1 in the UK (hoping to beat the latest X Factor winner, like the re-release of Rage Against the Machine’s Killing in the Name did in 2009), under the name Cage Against the Machine. It came with a number of ‘mixes’ – different people’s versions of four minutes and thirty-three seconds of ambient sound, of which Fake Blood’s Needle Drop Mix was one, building a piece around the sound of a vinyl record player just on the verge of playing something.

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Poem and an Icon: Summers

Here’s the 2nd of 3 morsels for the day…

Title: Summers
Author: readerjane
Rating: G
Timeline: early S6
Word count: 103
Disclaimer: Still not mine, alas.
Author’s Note: I wish I was a better icon artist. I played with this quite a bit and couldn’t get the wheel-of-seasons effect I wanted. Still, if anyone wants to snag it, feel free!

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Five Poems Spike Wrote about Buffy (and One that She Wrote about Him).

I posted some fic earlier today, and now I’m back with poetry! Slightly moody poetry…

Title: Five Poems Spike Wrote about Buffy (and One that She Wrote about Him)
Author: Quinara
Rating: PG-13? Sex references and swearing.
Summary: Two sonnets, two lumps of free verse and 17 lines of hendecasyllablics; one from S5, two from S7, one from AtS S5 and one post-NFA. Plus something Buffy wrote in some sort of domestic futureverse!
Author’s Notes: Any bloody awfulness is intentional. Because I say so. :P

Warnings: None in particular.

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