Fic: One Good Night

Title: One Good Night
Author: ajmilone
Era/season/setting: Season 6
Rating: NC-17

Buffy was having an amazing day. Well, as amazing as a day can be considering she had a shift at the DoubleMeat earlier. But this totally obnoxious customer got all up in her face and she completely shut him down. Really let him have it. And her manager had defended her! That was such an unheard of thing in the service industry, Buffy felt like she was actually valued and important. There was definitely a slight bounce to her step that night as she patrolled. With a wicked smile to herself, she realized there was one more thing to make her evening complete.

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Graphics – Manips

Here are my last two submissions for this Seasonal Spuffy round – Hope you all are having a wonderful day of Remembrance for those we have Loved and Lost this Memorial Day.  Thanks for keeping the  Spuffyverse strong and active to help get us through all the times of troubles in our lives.  Like Buffy and Spike –  we can always change our paths and that we can gain strength for all our hard life lessons.   Love on this Memorial Day.

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Fic: A Guy Can Dream

Title: A Guy Can Dream
Era/season/setting: season 6
Rating: M
Author’s note: I’ve been working on an original (well, Norse-mythology inspired) novel. So I haven’t had much time for fanfic. This weird little story is what happens when I try to shift gears, I guess.
The story was a little rushed and is unbeta’d. Please let me know if you see anything that feels weird or OOC! I’m gonna edit it again before posting to other sites, so all kinds of feedback welcome. :) Oh, and the title’s the best I could think of at the moment, but I’m not really happy with it. So if anyone has any other suggestions, I’m happy to hear them!

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20 icons

.| Title: 20 icons
.| Creator: sintonia

Hello everyone! A little late, I know, but here I am. As always I have to catch up but how are you? A big hug for you and your family, it’s difficult for many and this, well, they’re icons and it’s distracting me so if you’re having a very bad time I hope this helps to distract you for a while. You do it with me too, all the time you write, all the time you do something, thanks for being there. <3

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147 Reasons (Fic)

Title: 147 Reasons

Word Count: 2347

Setting: Season 6

Rating: PG-13

No Warnings other than bad language by Spike.

Summary: Buffy is trying to cope following her return from heaven, Spike’s pissed off and Dawn is trying to encourage Buffy to give Spike a chance

This is past midnight where I live but it’s still Thursday somewhere right? I hope this is ok.
Also, I haven’t written Buffy characters lately, so I’m not entirely happy with their voices.
This was rushed, so pardon any typos.

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Great to be participating in the 26th Round of Seasonal Spuffy – Thanks to all the awesome folks that keep this Spuffy event active for all the Spuffy Fans to enjoy.  Thanks also to all the writers and artist for sharing their works and talent with us and for all these years of Spuffy works.

First of three banners – working not with the carnival theme but with the theme of shattered.

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My day

So, it’s my day at Seasonal Spuffy and I have a short offering that  isn’t really a chapter in my current wip, but it could easily slide into  that world pretty much anywhere during the current year. Spike and  Buffy visit an unusual carnival so that he can visit with someone he  used to know.

Banner by Teragramm


“Tell me again why we’re going to this carnival tonight? When I’ve got annoying nerds to deal with and a class tomorrow?”

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Some Banners

Hi everyone – long may the Spuffy love continue!

Today is my day for posting, and I have 2 entries to share. Both are art work, and this first one, here, at my journal are some banners. They are something I am less comfortable with, but have managed to make some Spuffy-love … I hope you enjoy.

For those Mods, and those who worry, my LJ is totally open, so no worries on the link

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Tarot-inspired season 6 artwork

Titles: Five of Cups, Queen of Wands
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz
Worksafe? – Probably.
Notes: I did a Tarot reading based on Buffy’s questions to Tara at the end of “Dead Things” (Why do I let Spike do those things to me? etc.), and the plan was I’d then make a Spuffy version of each card in the spread. I only managed to make two pieces of artwork, which might be for the best, as Spike’s presence would be even fainter in the other three.

Spuffy banner based on Tarot card Five of Cups

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Banner & Icons

.| Title: Banner & Icons
.| Creator: sintonia/stnia
.| 1 banner & 4 icons | After Life

Hello everyone, I made a banner and some icons, can be used wherever you want but I think it could work better for any forum. This is very simple but I wanted to share something new with you and useful for other places too. Yeah, I should try to be more useful, I should do this for a fanfic but I’m a total mess.

Knowing what I’ve lost | After Life 6×03 | 700×100 pixels

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Fic: Ostara Blessings

Title: Ostara Blessings

Author: fancyflautist 

Era/season/setting: S6/S7

Rating: PG (minor language)

Summary: Willow enlists the help of the Scoobies for a big abundance ritual for Ostara.  Meanwhile, Buffy is trying to push forward in her relationship with Spike. Featuring grass facts, a hell-bunny, and an original Wiccan ritual!

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Art: spring flowers part 1 (yellow edition)

Title: spring flowers part 1 (yellow edition)
Creator: Double Dutchess
Medium: artwork
Season: 6
Rating: worksafe

No posts yet? Then I’ll kick off the Spring Equinox Free-for-All with part 1 of a little spring flowers graphics project, inspired by flower symbolism and ‘s art style. (We miss you, Cil!)

Ranunculus: radiant charm

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Fic: Closer to Heaven Chapter 1 of 3

Title: Closer to Heaven
Author: Passion4Spike
Season/Setting: Season 6, The day after ‘Once More with Feeling’
Rating: NC17 (NSFW applies to later chapters which are not done yet — check on EF later for them)
Inspired by: The wonderful banner done by pfeifferpack during the Road Trip SS round 25

Summary: Buffy had kissed him. All ‘Gone With The Wind’, with the rising music, and the rising … everything. And then she’d pulled away, the singing demon’s spell apparently broken. Spike had released her, not willingly, but he knew he couldn’t hold her. What had that meant? That kiss? He had to find out, but he had to be smart about this. Not just run in in a billow of smoke and demand answers. That wouldn’t do at all. He needed a plan. A good plan. This was too important to bugger up.

Pfeifferpack’s wonderful banner:

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Fic: Secret Santa (part two)

Title: Secret Santa
Author: SpindleKitten
Era/season/setting: Season 6
Rating: G

Summary: Sequel to my November SS entry Miracle Bug. Spike tries to bring some Christmas cheer to the Summers household.

This is an entry for the Hidden Gems Holiday Event, for the prompt by Ellie Rose McKee:
“I would like a Spuffy one shot that’s just some nice seasonal fluff.”

A/N Thank you to my beta, Badwolfjedi.

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