Spuffy Extravaganza! the!SEQUEL: Fanmix (I Should Have Told You)

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Title: I Should have Told You
Creator: Nvrbnkisst
Form: Fanmix

This is a short fanmix that I put together.
I’ve decided that the scene on the cover of this mix is my favorite Spuffy scene (this will eventually change as it always does)
The scene has the perfect mix of everything I think represents Spike and Buffy and the way they interact with each other. Fear, Vulnerability, Laughter. Even though it lacks a punch and or kiss.



01. ashes – andy brown /i just want this love to fade away to ashes/
02. these are my hands – jimmy gnecco /you lend a hand so much it pulls you down/
03. runaway – the national /we don’t bleed when we don’t fight. what makes you think I’m enjoying being led to the flood?/
04. skin and bones – david j roch /my soul has flown and i am what is left/
05. i’m outta time – oasis /if i had to go in my heart you’d grow and that’s where you belong/
06. bad – u2 /if i could, i would/

Click on the Cover Art to download.  (download link is dead)
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