fic: with my face to the sun

author: verity
title: with my face to the sun
rating: NC-17
setting: post-series
words: 4200
contains: parties, pancakes, resurrection, explicit sex, redemption, and friendship.
summary: After mysteriously surviving the battle in LA, Faith joins Buffy and Spike in Cleveland. It’s complicated. (Spuffy romance, Buffy & Faith and Spike & Faith friendship.)
notes: This is a direct sequel to the principle of the thing (700 words), which I recommend reading beforehand.
thanks: to aerintine for her comments about a much earlier draft which I shared with her many moons ago!

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fanmix: you are what you love

I’ve made a number of fanmixes in the past, and when I do, I usually strive to make the perfect soundtrack-narrative for others – it’s rarely the music that works best for me in my own head. I’m not sure how well this mix will translate from my head to yours, but these are the songs I keep in regular rotation that are my Spuffy soundtrack, and I hope you enjoy them! This selection is pretty heavily season 6 flavored, which is unsurprising as it’s one of my favorite seasons for Spuffy. ;)


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video: hot chick – uffie – s7 spuffy

I am squeezing my contribution in before tomorrow’s lovely poster, pennydrdful; I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Summary: I wanted to make an upbeat, danceable vid for S7 Spuffy (because there is something WRONG with me.) Hopefully, I’ve succeeded. Enjoy!

Thanks: to my awesome betas, angearia, automaticdoor, flourish, and morgan n

hot chick from verity on Vimeo.

Watch here or download here.


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Fic: Night of St. Vigeous

I was going to wait until the morning to post this, but I got all impatient. ;) But no worries! xochantelly  will be posting later in the day to keep you entertained.

What’s every vampire’s favorite holiday? Why, the Night of St. Vigeous, of course! This Spuffy-centric remix of “Real Me” clocks in at 3400 words and a PG-13 rating. Much love to my beta, angearia, who went above and beyond to make this story more awesome!

Night of St. Vigeous

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