Spuffy Extravaganza!! Will We Break – Fanmix

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title: Will We Break a Spike/Buffy Fanmix
author/creator: nvrbnkisst


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  (Click HERE to download)

1. October – Broken Bells (My Edit)

‘how to cross the coals and not get burned but you’re really just a little girl playing in the park until the sun goes down.’

This is a peice I heard and instantly started replaying Season 2 in my head. This is how Spike see’s Buffy

2. The Face – Kings of Leon (My Edit)

‘Ride out the wave (you had me holding on another time and place) Ride out the wave (bury yourself away the one and only face)’

I feel this song is more about the fans. Our ‘Ship’ will ride out the wave.

3. You Will Leave a Mark – A Silent Film

‘If I am going to hell then I just don’t care that oh my heart is bursting again, don’t leave this mark’

Buffys love will leave a mark.


‘This is how I show my love, I made it in my mind because, I blame it on my ADD baby’

Oh Spike, you just can’t get it right.

5. Fingers – Great Northern

‘our hearts are tied, tied to this weight, and if we let them go, will we break?’

Everyone’s constantly tearing Spike down, which in turn tears Buffy down, this is a Buffy POV song, how the people around her influence her fighting her feelings for Spike

6. [Bonus Track] Take Me Out – Atomic Tom

‘Some may say it’s my fate, am I just in time or am I late?’

I had this mix finished… and then I heard this song and I HAD TO ADD IT. You’ll see why.

I hope you’re enjoying my Spuffy EXTRAVAGANZA day so far! Coming next: another video :)