Fic: Elegies Part 1 – Words for the Faded, Chapter 1

Title: Elegies Part 1 – Words for the Faded
Author: useyourlove
Era: Post-Comics, Dollhouse-Crossover (it makes sense in context?)
Rating NC-17 (language, sexual content)
Genre: eventual post-apocalyptic crossover–see author’s notes

A/N: I feel like this whole endeavor needs some explanation. So, I spent my summer watching Buffy, Angel, and Dollhouse for the first time, and I managed to cram them all in in less than six weeks. Which, by the end of it all, led to much sleep deprivation. It was in one of those strange half-awake moments when I got the idea for this. My brain said “hey, I bet all of Joss’s worlds are really one big interconnected world. A literal Jossverse. Wow… wouldn’t that be angsty as hell?” So, in perfect Whedon Tradition, I’ve made Spike and Buffy an established, stable, and happy couple just so I can steal their happy ending from them.

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Fanmix: Burning in Blue

Here be my next offering :-). So, my typical listening fair is either classic rock or blues, jazz, and ancient recordings of showtunes, etc. Listening to some of these exquisitely crafted songs while trying to write fic, I just couldn’t help but think of my favorite fictional pair. So I put together a bunch of old songs by female blues and jazz singers. You can probably tell my musical crushes by this mix (Billie Holiday and George Gershwin topping the list).

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