Fanmix & Graphics

Since I was a procrastinator and because I was painting my bedroom, I wasn’t able to finish the video that I wanted to post to follow up last year’s entry. I was able to put together an EP and a few icons to celebrate the Spuffy love for this season. I hope you enjoy my contributions. I might have more icons on the free for all day.

The Seasons of Variations : a Buffy & Spike EP

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Fanmix: Mixtape for Buffy’s 21st by Quinara

Hello again! Er, this is a random extra far less serious that the fic I posted earlier. You know all those stories where Spike ends up making Buffy a mixtape for some reason? Well, it’s a fun bit of fanon and I like it, but I always wondered what would be on such a tape – being a fan of 70s punk myself (including its relatives on the music family tree).

So I made one! The idea being that Spike was trying to put something together for Buffy’s 21st (ie. Older and Far Away). It’s quite possible he wouldn’t have ended up giving it to her – it starts off being about feelings, but ends up being about kind of more than that…

[ETA: Ooh, while you get stuck in – check out the accompanying fic bogwitch wrote about Buffy receiving the tape!!]

Spike's rubbish CD insert scrawled on file paper.
To Buffy from Spike.

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Final post “Around the world with you”

As always, thank you to itmustbetuesday  for organizing the fall round of Spuffy love. This is dedicated to you.

Seasonal Spuffy Fall 06 – Around the world with you

This is a set of 12 songs that remind of about Buffy, Spike and their relationship. The lyrics might not address a particular moment, but the beats and the atmosphere they create remind me of Spuffy. The road we traveled with our favorite couple was full of ups and downs but it was worth it.

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