Cuddling With the Darkness – Chapters 9 and 10

Chapters 1 – 3

Chapters 4 – 6

Chapters 7 – 8

Chapters 9 and 10 behind the cut.


After Buffy had eaten something more substantial than toasted waffles, and Spike had drunk another of his rapidly-disappearing packets of pig blood, they settled onto the couch comfortably. Buffy was tucked under his arm and snuggled into his side in a reversal of their normal positions when he was a bat.

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Cuddling With the Darkness – chapters 4, 5, 6

First 3 chapters are here.

Next three chapters behind the cut:


To avoid Joyce’s probing questions about Spike and his crypt, Buffy left soon to go to the Magic Box, where she found Spike and Giles in the training room. Spike was laughing at Giles who was peppering him with questions. He held a clipboard in his hand and was jotting down Spike’s answers as he sputtered them out.

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Cuddling With the Darkness

Title: Cuddling With the Darkness
Author: Slaymesoftly
Era/season/setting: early season five
Rating: Strong R
Special thanks to all4spike, who, in spite of being physically unable to do her usual detail-oriented beta job, was kind enough to read through it to keep me from digging plot holes or leaving out anything important.

Summary/notes: Sparked by the below meme and a subsequent short discussion on EF’s FB page. What if Dracula turned Spike into a bat?

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We’ve Got To Stop Meeting Like This

Title: We’ve Got To Stop Meeting Like This
Author: slaymesoftly
Era: AU season four
Rating: Probably R
No warnings, beta by all4spike
Not complete yet – will probably have to link to my own journal for the remainder if I don’t get it up by tonight.
Summary: This story continues in the AU world created in P.S. You Suck, and continued in Friendly Enemies. Both were Seasonal Spuffy entries for the past few seasons, so this is a follow up for this spring season. It’s been a progression from enemies who’d had a truce and communicated through the US mail, to much friendlier enemies when one shows up to assist Buffy (if she needs it!) with her Cruciamentum, to even friendlier enemies who’ve become pen pals who exchange the occasional phone call. Spike is now someone Joyce trusts to have Buffy’s back if/when she needs it.

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Epilogue to And I Still Do (Love You)

Today’s post is the Epilogue to my last story in the I Would Still Have Loved You Series. The cereal scene is an Easter egg for a small group and a discussion on the EF FB page some time ago. They know who they are….

I hope to have a new fic finished in time to post on one of the Free-For-All days, but we’ll see…. Meanwhile, here’s a little wrap-up for And I Still Do (Love You).

Title: Epilogue to AISD(LY)
Author: Slaymesoftly
Form: Ficc
Rating: strong R

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Friendly Enemies Part 3

Parts 1 and 2 are here.

Part 3

Giles turned his gaze on Spike. “I suppose I should thank you for helping Buffy remain alive,” he said. “Although I’m extremely curious as to why you did it. What is your motivation for such unusual behavior?”

Buffy had turned to face Giles, leaving her back to Spike who once again rested one hand lightly against it.

“When I figure that out, I’ll let you know,” Spike said, eyes briefly flaring yellow. “Maybe. Maybe I’ll just decide it’s none of your business.”

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PS You suck!

Rather than wait till tomorrow, I think I’ll go ahead and post my own SS entry today. Based on a previous entry by killersnot (who is responsible for both the lovely banner and the title/prompt) here is a one-shot (I think) set between season 2 and season 3. Very AU, obviously, as Buffy and Spike never met during that summer (as popular as the idea has been for years), but this almost could have happened. No idea if anything else will grow from it, but it will be clear that it could. Unbeta’d, so if you see something, say something.

Title: PS, You Suck
between season 2 and 3
Word count:
Banner by:

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My day

So, it’s my day at Seasonal Spuffy and I have a short offering that  isn’t really a chapter in my current wip, but it could easily slide into  that world pretty much anywhere during the current year. Spike and  Buffy visit an unusual carnival so that he can visit with someone he  used to know.

Banner by Teragramm


“Tell me again why we’re going to this carnival tonight? When I’ve got annoying nerds to deal with and a class tomorrow?”

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The Lines Get Blurred

It’s my day! And I have something!

Set in an AU future (perhaps following any one of my future long or short fics where Buffy and Spike are back together and living in the UK – pick one where Spike hasn’t shashued:  Home is Where They Have to Let You In, Old Friends, Everytime You Say Goodbye, or any of the short reunion fics,  etc.) in which our favorite pair are visiting in Los Angeles for some reason that I may or may not make up later. One evening they encounter Detective Decker and her unusual partner in crime solving. Crossover with Lucifer. Could be a road trip fic if you squint hard enough….

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Free for all!

Ok, so, I had nothing for the last round and haven’t written a damn thing for almost 2 months. Then someone posted this amazing picture of Spike on the EF Discussion page…

It was taken from a tumblr post by JPratt. That’s all I know about it, other than it sparked an immediate need to write something about sexy Spike.

ETA: kazzy_cee has recognized the picture as one of her old manips, so someone seems to have added text to that to make a meme. Tumblr is a mystery to me, so I’ve no idea if that’s kosher or not.

So, for free for all day, I have this un-beta’d, thrown together in a hurry, probably likely to be tweaked out of all recognition at some point, little Spuffy ficlet. I’m hoping the awesome picture shows up. Otherwise, the title will make little sense….

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Chapter Three of All About the Mission

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series All About the Mission

Last post to the community for now. All future chapters (as well as the two already posted here) will be available on my own DW or LJ, or on any of the archives at which I post: AO3,, Elysian Fields, and the Bloodshedverse. And, of course, when it’s completed, it will have its own page on my website: Spuffy

But, for now, here is Chapter Three of All About the Mission (sequel/part 2 of IWSHLY)  Continue Reading

All About the Mission, Chapter 1

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series All About the Mission

So, my plan was to keep working on this story and hope to have enough to begin posting on one of the free for all days at the end of the month, but I think I’ll put the first chapter up here today, and add the rest during the last free-for-all days.

It’s a sequel to/part of the verse I Would Still Have Loved You in which Buffy and Spike have been sent back (separately) to change season 5 so that Buffy doesn’t have to jump, or, if she does, that Willow does not bring her back. Her resurrection having caused the First Evil to rise and inflict much destruction on the world. They more or less willingly accept their mission, the situation having been sweetened by finding each other much earlier than expected.

This story begins as they near the end of summer and prepare for the arrival of both Dawn and Glory.

Title: All About the Mission
Author: Slaymesoftly
Era/season: Season Five
Rating: R – NC17

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School Hard mini-season

Ok – no time to write something new, but this very short piece written waaaaay back in the day for someone (name on story, I think) is set in School Hard. It’s all I’ve got that isn’t just one scene in a much longer fic with no relation to SH. This scene stands on its own:


For Braat 44 who wanted to see a Season II attraction between Spike and Buffy.

Do we really need weapons?
words 375
rating pg13

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Some Spells Have Lingering Effects…

My day is here! This little (7000+ words) fic is a somewhat smutty Spuffy interlude that follows my fic Muzzled. All you need to know about that one is that in this non-canon Sunnydale, Oz and Spike were both captured by the Initiative at the same time and bonded while in there. When Buffy gets a tour of the facility from Riley, she sees Oz (and Spike) and gets them out. Once they’ve filled Giles in on what happened to them in those labs, as well as that the Initiative is now after Buffy, he is on the phone to the Council. Willow does her My Will Be Done Spell, with similar consequences. That story ends with Oz off in Tibet to learn to control his wolf and with Spike and Buffy having less contentious relationship than in canon. This story picks up a few weeks later…


Title: Some Spells Have Lingering effects
Author: Slaymesoftly
Rating: NC17
Genre: fic
Season 4 (non canon)

An interlude after the end of Muzzled and before Oz comes back.

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