Love Brings You, Chapter 12/14

This entry is part 12 of 13 in the series Love Brings You

Okay, this is all I have done, but I should be finished with Chapter 13 by midnight my time. Chapter 14 is an epilogue that I will come back and link to in my own livejournal when it’s finished.

Title: Love Brings You
Author: maryperk73703
Season: 5
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Buffy’s talk with Glory’s dying monk has surprising revelations.

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The Return of the Zeppo, one shot

This is the day I have written down in my planner as my posting date. So here goes. This story is the third in a series.
#1 The Troll Hunt post in Dec 2012 for Seasonal Spuffy

#2 The Revenge of the Trolls Posted August 2013 for Seasonal Spuffy

Title: The Return of the Zeppo
Medium: fanfic
Rating and Warnings: NC-17 for language and major character death, OCs
Timeline: Season 4
Summary: Willow does her ‘Thy Will Be Done’ spell.
Notes: Like the first two stories, I took some prompts for help.
Wolfie – something silly: googly eyes attached to everything (mentioned)
Spikester – something scary: clowns (mentioned)
Bunnyfer – something you want to see but rarely do: Buffy with a good education and job
Spuffy lvr – unlikely companion: Numero Cinco (The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco, ATS5)
Fox – inventive death: crushed by a vending machine
Susan – who dies: Amy the rat

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The Revenge of the Trolls, Part 1

Sadly, I only have one chapter. The last two weeks have been completely hectic with the end of school for the kids.

Title: The Revenge of the Trolls
Summary: In this sequel to The Troll Hunt, Spike, Buffy and their motley crew must rescue Springfoot the Bigfoot’s daughter from kidnappers.
Rating: Pretty PG-13ish, language so far
Setting: BtVS S4

Well, shoot, I forgot how to put this under a cut here. Seasonal spuffy is the only time I use dreamwidth. *sigh* I’m much better with Livejournal. If someone reminds me how to work dreamwidth, I’ll come back and fix it.

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The Troll Hunt, One shot

Title: The Troll Hunt
Author: maryperk73703
Rating: PG13
Beta: Tasha
Summary: Trolls took the Amara treasure which has something Buffy needs to battle the Mayor. Along the way she runs into an old… frenemy.
Warnings: Off camera death of a major character
Notes: I asked the ladies I chat with for some prompts, this is what I came up with. By the way, Happy Troll Day! Don’t ask, just go with it.
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