Wallpaper and banners: shirtless woodcutter Spike (and fairy Buffy)

Title: Shirtless woodcutter Spike + fairy Buffy wallpaper and banners
Creator: Double Dutchess
Rating: all worksafe

Here is my prompt fill for justwriter2, who wanted shirtless woodcutter Spike. In my interpretation of the prompt, he meets wood fairy Buffy, who seems to have taken a shine to him. I’ve also made a banner, in a daytime and a nighttime version. Wallpaper and banners are customizable in case anyone is interested in that.

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Fic: Buffy and Spike do Easy Living

Title: Buffy and Spike Do Easy Living
Author: Jesterlady
Era/season/setting: Probably best read as all human AU, set outside of canon. 1930s New York City.
Rating: PG
Summary: A Spuffy version of the 1937 screwball comedy, Easy Living, Buffy and Spike take the leading roles.
Author’s Note: This will obviously make more sense if you’ve seen the movie, but the point is to enjoy the two of them having some banter and indulging in some classic tropes. Most of the dialogue is from the actual movie, doctored up to sound more like them. Though there’s no specific mention of vampires or Slayers I have tried very hard to make it impossible to say they couldn’t be their normal selves ie Spike is never seen outside in daytime, etc.

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Fic: Queen Buffy & Chief Will, the Bloody

Title: Queen Buffy & Chief Will, the Bloody
Author: JustWriter2
Rated: G
Setting: Pre-England
Author’s Note: This short story just kind of happened after watching Season 4 of The Crown. This tale is set in more ancient times than The Crown‘s modern historical fiction drama. I hope you all enjoy my short story; it has been good practice for another event coming up.
Warnings: All Human AU, Spike/other, Buffy/other
Disclaimer: I don’t own, nor, to my knowledge, am I affiliated with anyone remotely connected with the productions of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer or Angel, the Series. This fic is for fun and not for sale.

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Fic: Faithful Will (Part 1 of 3)

banner shows Buffy with a sword, Spike smiling in her general direction, fairytale castle

Title: Faithful Will
Author: the_wiggins
Rating: PG
Era/Season/Setting: Once Upon A Time (or maybe Season 5)
Warnings: Some Buffy/Riley.
Author’s Note: OK, so here’s the fusion fic no one ever asked for: BtVS with the very obscure Grimm’s fairy tale (at least, I’d never heard of it) “Faithful John.”
This originated in an extended brainstorming session with thenewbuzwuzz, so I owe them a lot of credit for the inspiration. But of course, anything that is weird or doesn’t quite work is probably my fault. Buzwuzz is also responsible for the lovely banner and for the last-minute beta, so applause and confetti for them!

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Wallpaper: Storyteller — Sleeping Beauty

Title: Storyteller: Sleeping Beauty (wallpaper)
Creator: Double Dutchess
Rating: worksafe

Oops, a little bit over time, but here it is: my main contribution for the day. This is already the third fourth Sleeping Beauty entry for this round, and like titti  I had the idea of making Spike the sleeper in this case. The full size of the wallpaper is 1920×1080, and you can see it in its full glory HERE.

I’ll be back on the free for all days with some more stuff!

Screencaps from the HD episodes at HDBuffy on tumblr
Fire by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Originally posted at https://seasonal-spuffy.livejournal.com/715063.html

Fairytales story banners

Title: Fairytales story banners
Creator: Double Dutchess
Rating: all worksafe

As my first post today, here’s a little warming-up in the form of some variations of the banners I made for this round’s banner poll. They are all 900 px wide.

The first banner has Spike as a loyal knight, offering his sword to Buffy. If anyone is interested in having this as a story banner, I’d be happy to customize it.

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1 Wallpaper | Stay + 2 banners + icons

.| Title: 1 Wallpaper | Stay + 2 Banners + Icons
.| Creator: sintonia

Yes, here I’m again! I wanted to share a wallpaper I made for this round, I skipped the standard format because I adjusted it to my preferences but I think there will be no problems with that. I’ve never made one to share so I hope you like it. Well now I see here and I think it was a little dark, maybe I should increase the light a bit. Btw, here are those banners for the round too and some icons. If you want any let me know, I don’t have any problem if you want to customize. *hugs*

.| 1 Wallpaper – Stay | 1600×1400
.| 2 Banners + icons


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Interactive poetry kits: “He is NOT my boyfriend!” and “You may not see it, but I do”

Titles: “He is NOT my boyfriend!” and “You may not see it, but I do
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz

Notes: It’s been a while since we put some canon dialogue through a blender, hasn’t it? I have made two poetry kits out of stuff Buffy says about Spike and her relationship with him. Since I have already done a kit focused on love confessions, these kits are more about the other things that caught my eye in the Spuffy section of the Buffyverse Dialogue Database. I cordially invite you to clicky the links and play with Buffy’s words if you have a few minutes to kill:

Kit 1: He is NOT my boyfriend! (PG-13, there’s a bunch of violence-related words in this one)
Kit 2: You may not see it, but I do

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Fic(ish): How do you feel about Buffy now?

Title: How do you feel about Buffy now?
Creator: the_wiggins and Transformer
Season/Era: NA
Author’s Note: Inspired by double_dutchess‘s fic “It’s a great story, don’t“, I decided to make my own Talk to Transformer fic using a line from my Seasonal Spuffy entry “A Guy Can Dream“as a prompt. Only the bolded parts are written by me. The rest are the inventions of a text predicting AI.

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Graphics – Manips

This piece is based on one of my favorite songs.  I can’t help but think of Spike and Buffy and how their journey has been so powerfully influenced by their love relationships.  Thanks to all who have looked at my works – Much appreciated.  Again,  Thanks to all who created all these wonderful works for the Spuffy fans to enjoy.  The song is White Flag by Dido written by Dido Armstrong, Richard W. Jr. Nowels and Rollo Armstrong.

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Fic (kinda): It’s a great story, don’t

Title: It’s a great story, don’t
Author: GPT-2, with some small input from Double Dutchess
Season: all over the place
Word count: 1271 words
Rating: general audiences
Warning: Buffy/Other and some suggested Spike/Other
Note: What do you get when you try to let a neural network write Spuffy fan fiction? Here you see one of many possible results. Some highlights: Spike losing his virginity while on LSD; an upsetting Buffy/Spike kiss leads to Spike’s arrest; some Riley bashing for those who like that sort of thing; and Angelus owning a comics shop.

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Vid: Please, please, please

Title: Please, please, please (let me get what I want)
Creator: Double Dutchess
Format: video
WARNING: contains clips from Seeing Red. Also, references to “Spike/Other”.

This is Spike’s very own “pity ditty”, set to a song by The Smiths. (A lovely song, but most importantly, a short one!)
Not related to the theme, but made specifically for this round of Seasonal Spuffy.

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