Interactive poetry kits: “He is NOT my boyfriend!” and “You may not see it, but I do”

Titles: “He is NOT my boyfriend!” and “You may not see it, but I do
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz

Notes: It’s been a while since we put some canon dialogue through a blender, hasn’t it? I have made two poetry kits out of stuff Buffy says about Spike and her relationship with him. Since I have already done a kit focused on love confessions, these kits are more about the other things that caught my eye in the Spuffy section of the Buffyverse Dialogue Database. I cordially invite you to clicky the links and play with Buffy’s words if you have a few minutes to kill:

Kit 1: He is NOT my boyfriend! (PG-13, there’s a bunch of violence-related words in this one)
Kit 2: You may not see it, but I do

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Fic(ish): How do you feel about Buffy now?

Title: How do you feel about Buffy now?
Creator: the_wiggins and Transformer
Season/Era: NA
Author’s Note: Inspired by double_dutchess‘s fic “It’s a great story, don’t“, I decided to make my own Talk to Transformer fic using a line from my Seasonal Spuffy entry “A Guy Can Dream“as a prompt. Only the bolded parts are written by me. The rest are the inventions of a text predicting AI.

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Graphics – Manips

This piece is based on one of my favorite songs.  I can’t help but think of Spike and Buffy and how their journey has been so powerfully influenced by their love relationships.  Thanks to all who have looked at my works – Much appreciated.  Again,  Thanks to all who created all these wonderful works for the Spuffy fans to enjoy.  The song is White Flag by Dido written by Dido Armstrong, Richard W. Jr. Nowels and Rollo Armstrong.

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Fic (kinda): It’s a great story, don’t

Title: It’s a great story, don’t
Author: GPT-2, with some small input from Double Dutchess
Season: all over the place
Word count: 1271 words
Rating: general audiences
Warning: Buffy/Other and some suggested Spike/Other
Note: What do you get when you try to let a neural network write Spuffy fan fiction? Here you see one of many possible results. Some highlights: Spike losing his virginity while on LSD; an upsetting Buffy/Spike kiss leads to Spike’s arrest; some Riley bashing for those who like that sort of thing; and Angelus owning a comics shop.

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Vid: Please, please, please

Title: Please, please, please (let me get what I want)
Creator: Double Dutchess
Format: video
WARNING: contains clips from Seeing Red. Also, references to “Spike/Other”.

This is Spike’s very own “pity ditty”, set to a song by The Smiths. (A lovely song, but most importantly, a short one!)
Not related to the theme, but made specifically for this round of Seasonal Spuffy.

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Customize your own Playmobil® Spuffy – a DIY tutorial

Title: Customize your own playmobil Spuffy – a DIY tutorial
Creator: flowspuffy

I have seen regular or customized Funko Pop Spuffy and also customized Lego Spuffy but I haven’t come across Playmobil Spuffy yet. Playmobil is a huge thing for kids here in Germany, about as huge as Lego is. There are some kids who are either Lego-kids or Playmobil-kids but my little one generously plays with both and has the equivalent of a small toy department’s warehouse stored in his room. However, for this tutorial, I only used one Lochaber axe out of his stock and it was given freely to me. I bought the rest of the figurines from various sellers on eBay local. I am sorry to have to admit that at least one figurine and also a kitchen knife were severely harmed during the process. We all know Buffy is a complex character. I needed three different figurines to create a remote likeness.

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Manip – Thanksgiving Day

Can’t go by without posting something for Thanksgiving Day – I have so many things to be thankful for this year but especially my good health and recovery.  Some of my best Spuffy friends know I had breast cancer surgery few months ago and I’ve had awesome great results – So this is a very special celebration this year.  To all my Spuffy friends and all those who participate in Seasonal Spuffy – thank you for all the wonderful years of stories, artwork and vids and Spuffy Fan Love.  Plus, another super nice Thanks is for our lovely Thanksgiving Day snow – I love when we get snow as it does not happen often here in Abq.

Fan Love indeed – got these great stamps when I sent for some Buffy Stamps – wanted to share them so I kept this simple.

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Video/artwork: Biffy and Spikey

Welcome to the Biffyverse! Those of you who tuned in for this year’s summer_of_giles  already had a little preview.This video was inspired by Tribel from BuffyForums, who wanted a Miffy style fanvid. I had no time to make a fully animated video, so instead I tried to recreate the children’s picture book experience. The other inspiration was the “flavour” prompt on my card.

I hope you enjoy my little “Spiffy” picture story.

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Manips – Love Letters

Sorry I’m so late with post – had to be gone most of the day.  Working with the theme of Love Letters thought I would use the awesome Royal Mail 400 Anniversary Shakespeare Stamps – Hope you like and as always – my great big Thank You to all the mods and participants who keep Spuffy and Seasonal Spuffy a strong and wonderful fan community for all the fans to enjoy.

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4 Buffy and Spike Fic Banners

Title: 4 Buffy and Spike Fic Banners
Creator: electric_heart (aka all_choseny)
Era/season: None
Rating: G
Note: These are all fun little fic banners that I created for anyone who would like to snag them. You may use them for inspiration for a new story or for something you’re currently working on. I’ll be happy to personalize.

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Spuffy Banner

Title: Buffy and Spike Banner
Creator: ascendant_angel
Era/season: None
Rating: G
Note: Just one banner

Spuffy Banner

I never finished my entry for last round in time, so I saved it for today’s solstice instead.
I haven’t made a banner in more than 10 years I think, so i’m a bit rusty, I hope it’s okay. Please forgive me  if I don’t respond  to any comments but i’m off to Portugal shortly.

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Fic: And Fear Finds Nothing Left to Mend, Part II (Buffy/Spike, T)

And Fear Finds Nothing Left to Mend, Part II
By Barb C.

Rating: T
Setting: Post-Gift AU (Barbverse)
Pairing: Buffy/Spike
Synopsis: Knowing that the Slayer has hard decisions to make is one thing. Being the subject of one is quite another.
Author’s notes: This story takes place in the same universe as “Raising In the Sun,” “Necessary Evils,” and “A Parliament of Monsters.” It immediately precedes “To Lie Down With Wolves” and “Every Silver Lining Has A Touch of Gray,” and it’s pretty damn angsty, folks. The story includes some elements of Dark Horse comics canon, but I do very different things with them. Thanks to my incredible betas,   slaymesoftly, trepkos, typographer, and cornerofmadness  – any remaining errors are entirely my own.

Part I

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