Fanmix: Hearts On Fire

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Hearts On Fire – a spuffy mix



Obviously, all of these songs have to do with fire. I feel that’s the theme of Buffy and Spike at their core. It doesn’t hurt that they have so many fire themed scenes either;)

01 on fire  +  switchfoot   (buffy + spike)

And you’re on fire
When he’s near you
You’re on fire
When he speaks
You’re on fire
Burning at these mysteries

02 set fire to the rain  +  gregory douglass  (spike pov)

My hands, they’re strong
But my knees were far too weak
To stand in your arms
Without falling to your feet

03 lightning field  +  sneaker pimps  (spike pov)

Strike me down
Give me everything you’ve got
Strike me down
I’ll be everything I’m not

04 red  +  elbow  (spike pov about buffy)

You burn too bright
You live too fast
This can’t go on too long
You’re a tragedy starting to happen

05 fire  +  augustana  (spike pov about buffy)

There you were in your black dress
Moving slow to the sadness
I could watch you dance for hours
I could take you by my side

06 flames  +  vast  (buffy + spike)

You are the only thing
That makes me want to live at all
When I am with you
There’s no reason to pretend that
When I am with you
I feel flames again

07 spread your love  +  black rebel motorcycle club (spike pov about buffy)

She gave me love like a big fire
I only saw it once
She spread her love like a fever
She’s bad, but not enough

08 kiss with a fist  +  florence and the machine  (buffy + spike)

So let’s sit back and watch the bed burn
Well love sticks sweat drips
Break the lock if it don’t fit
A kick in the teeth is good for some
A kiss with a fist is better than none

09 closer  +  kings of leon  (spike pov)

The floor is crackling cold
She took my heart, [I think] she took my soul
With the moon I run, far from the carnage of the fiery sun

10 dlz  +  tv on the radio  (spike pov about buffy)

Never you mind
Death professor
Your structure’s fine
My dust is better
Your victim flies so high
All to catch a bird’s eye view of who’s next

11 the beginning is the end is the beginning  +  the smashing pumpkins (buffy + spike)

And in your darkest hour
I hold secrets flame

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