The Reunion [Fanmix + Art]

Title: The Reunion
Creator: nvrbnkisst / nvrbnkisst
Form: Fanmix inluding 1 wallpaper, 4 gifs, and thoughts.

The theme ‘Time After Time’ got me thinking this round, and I knew I wanted to do something kind of AU.
So this is a fanmix + art stuff that is basically a soundtrack to some of my crazy post-chosen-head-canon/thoughts for these two crazy kids.

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The Wait [Fanvideo]

Title: The Wait
Creator: nvrbnkisst
Song & Artist: Fire Escape by Matthew Mayfield
Description: Buffy & Spike and the rivers of hope & denial they swim in. They are each others homes, they just don’t know to grasp that. “You know what I am, and you come to me all the same

So, I really don’t like this video. I’ve reworked a bunch of stuff. Over and Over. and I know I say this every time, but I’m really not ok with this. In fact, the only reason I’m posting it is because I didn’t have any other videos finished to post for my day. So I’m really sorry this is not my best work.

I have a couple other artsy things to post so I hope those will make up for this.


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Spuffy Extravaganza! the!SEQUEL: Video (All We’re Good For)

Title: All We’re Good For
Creator: Nvrbnkisst
Form: Fanvid

Song: Nightwatchmen by Bell X1
Description: Buffy & Spike and all they’re good for.
Notes: The song is really what had me making this video, I’d never really heard a song like it (which is surprising with the amount of music I listen to). I have a kink for good buildup in songs, and that’s all this is, it’s doesn’t have a chorus, the verses are side by side but each one that starts is a continuation of the last one. And it’s just really pretty. and speaks of Spuffy on a huge scale. This band should be more famous.

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Spuffy Extravaganza! the!SEQUEL: Fanmix (I Should Have Told You)

Title: I Should have Told You
Creator: Nvrbnkisst
Form: Fanmix

This is a short fanmix that I put together.
I’ve decided that the scene on the cover of this mix is my favorite Spuffy scene (this will eventually change as it always does)
The scene has the perfect mix of everything I think represents Spike and Buffy and the way they interact with each other. Fear, Vulnerability, Laughter. Even though it lacks a punch and or kiss.

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Spuffy Extravaganza! the!SEQUEL: Video (Your Heart & Mine)

Title: Your Heart & Mine
Creator: Nvrbnkisst
Form: Fanvid

I’m posting these by shortest vid to longest vid. Not in the order I created them. I felt I had to save the longer ones for the big finale :)

Song: The Space Between by Dave Matthews Band
Description: The space between Buffy & Spike becomes shorter throughout the years

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Download links will be available at my website shortly

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Spuffy Extravaganza!! It’s Raining Here – Fanvid


title: It’s Raining Here
author/creator: nvrbnkisst
description: Buffy POV vid. this was kind of a difficult video for me to make because the music is so different, but the piano part just spoke spuffy to me. I think it’s not said spoken about it enough, the fact that Buffy aggressively defends Spike in season seven to everyone around her.

Buffy tries to close Spike out, but she always finds herself back in the dark with him while in return she shows him the light.

This is also the second time I’ve mashed up BtVS to a song by Great Northern (epic band is epic)
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Spuffy Extravaganza!! Stuck in a Bad Way – Fanvid

title: Stuck in a Bad Way
author/creator: nvrbnkisst
description: this is sort of a meta, darker side of the Spuffy season six relationship vid. I really love that in season seven, instead of skirting around the issue of the abuse between Spike & Buffy the previous year, they kind of passively aggressively talk about it. It doesn’t get swept under the rug and it helps them heal.

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