Fanmix & Picspam Combo Meal!

I had originally intended to have a fic ready to post… but, alas, I do not.  I’ve been a little busy lately–I hope to have the fic ready by the open-posting day.  But!  For now, as an alternative offering, I present you lovely people with this fanmix/picspam.

This was the first fanmix I’ve ever done–and it was so fun to make, you guys. It ran a little long because I couldn’t stop adding songs.  So, it may not all fit on an audio CD, but it would certainly fit if you burn it in mp3 format.  Also, warning: vulgar language, sexy language, some loud and much awesome music.

I just wanna give a special shout out to angearia and eilowyn for the inspiration to put this together!

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