fic: this is not an exit, part 1 (rock band au)

title: This is not an exit (part 1)
author: bayloriffic
rating: PG-13 (this part)
words: 8430
setting: goes wildly AU before the end of “Anne”
summary: In which Buffy and Spike meet again in L.A., form a rock band, flirt, fight, make up, and make out.
a/n: I wouldn’t normally post this as a WIP, but my posting day kind of snuck up on me before I had a chance to finish the whole thing. More parts coming soon! Written for seasonal_spuffy.

this is not an exit (part 1)

Fanmix: No One’s Ever Gonna Love You

Originally, I wanted to write one more fic for before this round ended, but RL has not been conducive to anything that requires long bursts of focus or creativity, so. Instead, I decided to finish up this Spike/Buffy mix that I’ve had sitting about half-done in my iTunes since forever.

It’s basically my soundtrack to Buffy and Spike’s relationship (from Spike’s POV) starting in season five once Spike decides he’s in love with Buffy and then going on through the rest of their on-show relationship (with a heavy emphasis on s6-esque songs because that’s currently my favorite season due to all of the angst and makeouts).

Many, many thanks to the mods for running and maintaining this awesome community <3333

Fic: Our Secret Flares (NC-17)

Hello everyone! So, this is my very first seasonal_spuffy, and I’m super-stoked (and a bit nervous!) to be participating :)

Title: Our secret flares
Author: bayloriffic
Fandom/Pairing: Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Buffy/Spike
Rating: NC-17, just to be safe
Words: 9,543
Summary: Buffy and Spike go on a stakeout. Sexy hijinks ensue.
A/N: This is set post-s8/early s9, but specific knowledge of the comics definitely isn’t necessary for this fic. If you are following the comics, this can be read as post-Freefall #1 (albeit with at least one minor, just-Jossed plot point because I finished this before 9.01 was released). Or, if the comics aren’t your scene, you can just think of this as a general post-series story that’s set in San Francisco.

our secret flares [link to story on my LJ]