Fic: The Silence in Between

Author: smells_corrupt
Title: The Silence in Between
Rating: Hard R. About one-third of this is sex.
Length: ~3400 words
Setting: About a year after NFA
Summary: They are cursed. Doomed to repeat the same patterns, over and over and over again.
Notes: The premise of this story is idea that a reunited Buffy and Spike end up falling into a relationship that’s remarkably similar to their S6 relationship, but not quite as unhealthy. The story takes place on two separate days, six months apart, but the events are cut together into one narrative. It’s pretty clear when the switches happen. Italics are used.

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Mix: Hey Baby, Won’t You Take a Chance?

Hi! My posting day has technically been over for an hour and forty-six minutes. I wrote my posting date down wrong, and thought I was supposed to be posting on the seventeenth, not the sixteenth. My fic isn’t quite post-ready (I was planning on polishing it up in the morning and posting in the evening) so I’m going to wait for free-for-all day. But I have a fanmix ready to go now, so I hope lirazel will forgive me for encroaching on her day :-/ I am so sorry for the mix-up!

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Blood and Rust 1/?

Title: Blood and Rust
Author: smells_corrupt
Setting: AU taking place in AtS S5
Rating: Pg-13 for now, will be higher later
Genre: AU
Summary: After the events of Chosen, Buffy decides to hang around L.A. while she and the Scoobies decide what to do next. Three weeks later, Spike comes out of the amulet and that’s when things really get interesting.

AN: I’m linking to my LJ ( because it’s a WIP and I want to keep everything together, but I don’t have a DW account.

Blame it on the Black Star 1/1

Hi guys! I’ve been enjoying all the awesome things that have come out of this community this month, and since it’s open posting day I thought I’d give it a shot. Thanks to the mods for keeping it up and running, and for providing an opportunity for lurkers like myself to contribute without having a slot!

Title: Blame it on the Black Star
Author/Creator: smellslikecorruption
Era/Season/Setting: Season 2-4
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Superstarverse (?)
Length: ~3500
Summary: How might have important events gone differently in a universe where Buffy wasn’t Sunnydale’s go-to superhero? Snapshots of the Spuffy relationship in the alternate history created by Jonathan’s spell.
Disclaimer: None of it belongs to me.

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