Graphics: Walls

*waves* I actually haven’t been able to get online much these past few months (and LJ not at all) so it’s completely by chance/luck that I could get on here today. I didn’t even realize it was my day until just a couple of hours ago. Hence, 4 pretty crappy walls. But I didn’t want to not post anything. Hope someone finds them useful.

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Icons, Wallpapers, LJ Stuff & a Manip

Typing this with mostly one hand because I’ve come down with some carpal tunnel like symptoms. Which means my graphics aren’t as nice as I like them. I’m hoping to still be able to complete a couple of fanmixes that I’ve been working on by the free-for-all day, as well as a few more animated icons. We’ll see:)

ETA: I’m so sorry I posted this a day early. Premature postage! I thought for sure my day was Thursday. Sorry for stepping on today’s posters toes. :

{01-12} Icons
{13-24} Animated Icons
{25-30} Wallpapers
{31-31} Friend’s Only Banner
{32-32} Header/Banner
{33-33} Manipulation

Please credit betweenthewoods (my graphics community) or effulgent_girl
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animated icons

I had hoped to complete my Spuffy vidlet by my posting day, but no such luck. Hopefully I can finish it by the free-for-all. In the meantime, I have several animated icons to tide you over. From seasons 5-7 (I’ll be posting some Chosen ones that I didn’t finish on the ffa day too). Also, dial-up users beware: this will probably kill your internets.

56 animated Buffy/Spike icons

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Fanmix & Graphics

Since I was a procrastinator and because I was painting my bedroom, I wasn’t able to finish the video that I wanted to post to follow up last year’s entry. I was able to put together an EP and a few icons to celebrate the Spuffy love for this season. I hope you enjoy my contributions. I might have more icons on the free for all day.

The Seasons of Variations : a Buffy & Spike EP

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