Twenty-Five Trips Around the Sun (2/2)

Title: Twenty-Five Trips Around the Sun (2/2)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: It’s Buffy’s twenty-fifth birthday, and she’s still fighting the good fight. Only, this time, her job is interrupted by someone bearing a gift. Post-series.

Here’s the second part! Thank you to the mods for all their hard work on Seasonal Spuffy this round and in the previous years. :o) Happy 25 years of Buffy!

(It’s free for all day, right? Feel free to delete if it’s not.)

P.S. According to AO3, this is my 100th Buffyverse fic.

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Chapter 4 – (k)Nickers Off Ready When I Come Home

Hello! So the last fic I posted was back in November 2020, when I was about 6 months into long covid. I am now over two years into what is now looking more like chronic disability than a temporary illness, and has already involved two separate 4-month stints of being too ill to get out of bed and do basic self-care, let alone work. (Don’t get covid, kids.)

I had hoped and planned to submit something substantive for this spring’s seasonal-spuffy, but sadly I’ve just been too ill. So I thought for the 25th anniversary theme, I’d submit a new chapter to a story I started way-back-when for the 25th round. It’s kind of thematic, in a half-rhyme kind of way.

Many thanks to everyone who still cares about this story, despite the time between updates! If you no longer remember the details, the whole thing (excluding this chapter) is available here on AO3. (I expect this will be most of you.)

Title: (k)Nickers Off Ready When I Come Home – Chapter 4
Author: stuffnonsense
Era: Post-Series
Rating: Mature

Summary: Buffy and Spike are finally a couple. But after spending so much time and effort building up their emotional intimacy, they’ve sort of lost their way with the physical side of things. A road trip to Oregon seems like the perfect time and place for them to work it out. Through talking. Definitely talking. Certainly using their mouths. And tongues. And maybe a few other things.

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Vid: Now Might Be A Good Time For Something Heroic

Title: Now Might Be A Good Time For Something Heroic

Creator: flowspuffy

Era/season/setting: Season 5

Rating: PG

Notes: Two years ago I made a Playmobil Spuffy couple for Seasonal Spuffy. They lived happily on my bookshelf ever since but as of late, they have started complaining about the quietness of their lives. They really wanted to go out and fight some baddies. So, I gave them a Winnebago and some Knights of Byzantium and made a Playmobil stop motion film (with the invaluable assistance of both my sons who know more about Playmobil and video making than I do). I hope you enjoy it.

Watch on Vimeo

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Vid: Spuffy Abridged

Title: Spuffy Abridged
Creator: Double Dutchess
Era/season/setting: All of ’em!
Rating: Same as the show (I guess that’s R?). Expect an overview of ALL of Spuffy, not just the highs but also including the lows.
Notes: This vid was inspired by the classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer Abridged vid by Rowena. A Spuffy version seemed to fit the “Celebrating 25 Years” theme pretty well.

I’m sorry if your favourite scene hasn’t been included; it’s hard to cram 11 seasons of Spuffy into less than 2 minutes, so some sacrifices had to be made. Thumbnail clipart (film reel) is from pixabay, the rest of the credits are at the end of the vid!

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Don’t faint: After the Deluge

This entry is part 9 of 11 in the series After the Deluge

It’s my day and I’ve been working on my long-moribund fic, After the Deluge. I started it on seasonal_spuffy a mere twelve years ago, and I’m going to finish it here. You might like to refresh your memory of it here.

Quick summary – post NFA, Spike and Buffy have finally met to combat the resurgent First Evil in the Cotswolds – indeed, at the site of the Deeper Well. Rupert Giles has a brother, Oscar, who has not been behaving at all well.

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Polaroid — oneshot in the Camperverse

Title: Polaroid

Author: MrsAkers

Era: between seasons/S6, post “The Gift”, AU

Rating: R (just to be safe)

Genre: lighthearted, angst, hurt/comfort, fluffy

AN: Set in my Camperverse, which includes “What Remains” and “Monongahela,” both of which can be found on EF and A03. Takes place during WR. If you haven’t read these other one-shots, pertinent information is that everyone except Spike and Buffy die in the fight with Glory and Spuffy leaves Sunnydale in grief. 

Summary: Spike gets a Polaroid camera. 

Banner by me. Unbeta’ed, so all mistakes also by me.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

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1 wallpaper | 1 banner + icons

.| Title: 1 Wallpaper | 1 banner + icons
.| Creator: sintonia

Hi everyone! I made a wallpaper and a shorter version, I don’t have my computer and I can’t make icons without my stuff but I used brushes and textures by joorteloog and sanami276! Oh that was soooo great because I totally love everything about both HAHA! I hope come back at the end, hugs and congratulations for so many years! <3 <3

.| 1 Wallpaper – US | 1366 x 768 pix
.| 1 Banner – US | 900 x 506 pix | + 3 icons

1366 X 768 pix | .jpg | download deviantart

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16 Icons and 4 Discord Avatars

16 Icons and 4 Discord Avatars

Title – 16 icons. Discord avatars: 1. Comic Kiss 2. Back Porch 3. Comic Sweet Moment 4. Kitchen Dream Scene
creator – teragramm
rating – other

Below the cut find my last entry of the day, 16 icons, and 4 Discord avatars. If you would like any icons personalized just ask! Enjoy!!


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Spuffy Christmas home video

Title: Spuffy Christmas diorama home video
Creator: double_dutchess
Form: other art
Era: comics, S10/S11
Rating: worksafe

I didn’t have time to make something really new, so instead, I spruced up last year’s Christmas diorama a.k.a. peep box. I added lots of nice little presents and some other stuff, making it 5 times as Christmassy. And then I made a proper short home video of it. (You can see it’s a home video from the shakiness. A professional camera person I am not.)

Sorry, I’m having a terrible time getting the embed to work, so here is just a link to the video:

Merry Christmas Spuffy home video 2021.mp4 from Double Dutchess on Vimeo.

The comics art I used is by Rebekah Isaacs and Megan Levens.

The background music is Merry Christmas Baby by Bruce Springsteen. It’s a rocking song and I assume it would be Spike-approved. Listen to it in full here.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!


Hope you like my Christmas graphics – Love and Kisses to all our Seasonal Spuffy friends and especially to all the mods and participants for keeping this fan event going strong after all these years.  This is one of my all time favorite Christmas songs which is on my Christmas playlist sung by Michael Buble original writers are  Mariah Carey and Walter Afanasieff.

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