Fic: Apology for Declining an Invitation to Dine (Part 1 of 2)

It is technically still the 23rd here in California, so I’m coming in under the wire for my second posting day. I had all these plans about the one-shot I wanted to post today, but, as it happens, things didn’t work out the way I wanted. So, what I’ve got is the first half of the one-shot. I’m going to post the second half on Sunday’s Free-for-all Day.

But to make up for only having half of this now, I have a little treat at the end.

Title: Apology for Declining an Invitation to Dine
Author: Eurydice
Era/season/setting: S5, set immediately after my story, Charms of the Clarion
Rating: R
Author’s Note: The one thing I get comments on the most, even after all these years, is the chocolate sauce story from Charms of the Clarion. Way back in the day (I wrote/posted it in January-May 2003; gah, I’m old), I deliberately chose to fade to black at the end as Spike was telling Buffy what happened, because I figured that anything I came up with wouldn’t be nearly as good as what the reader might imagine. They had a tendency to disagree with me, so the requests for the chocolate sauce story have come in like clockwork ever since. Since this is a special anniversary for Seasonal Spuffy, I decided to get it out there, once and for all.

In the original spirit of Charms, the title is courtesy of Robert Burns.

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Wallpaper: Storyteller — Sleeping Beauty

Title: Storyteller: Sleeping Beauty (wallpaper)
Creator: Double Dutchess
Rating: worksafe

Oops, a little bit over time, but here it is: my main contribution for the day. This is already the third fourth Sleeping Beauty entry for this round, and like titti  I had the idea of making Spike the sleeper in this case. The full size of the wallpaper is 1920×1080, and you can see it in its full glory HERE.

I’ll be back on the free for all days with some more stuff!

Screencaps from the HD episodes at HDBuffy on tumblr
Fire by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

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Fairytales story banners

Title: Fairytales story banners
Creator: Double Dutchess
Rating: all worksafe

As my first post today, here’s a little warming-up in the form of some variations of the banners I made for this round’s banner poll. They are all 900 px wide.

The first banner has Spike as a loyal knight, offering his sword to Buffy. If anyone is interested in having this as a story banner, I’d be happy to customize it.

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Fic: Dear Friend (2/?)

Title: Dear Friend (2/?)
Author: JustWriter2
Summary/Teaser: In a tale as old as inked parcels, Buffy writes to a normal penpal she falls for. Except, he’s not normal and she hates him; right?
Era/Season/Setting: late 1990s, early 2000s / ~ Seasons 2 -> 5 / Sunnydale, California
Warnings: referenced Spike/other and Buffy/other to begin with (tamer than the show)
AN: Hi all! Here’s the 2nd installment. I finally got the second chapter to where I wanted it! I welcome constructive criticism from all of you. This banner was made by the wonderful teragramm.
Rating: PG (Warning: some foul language)
Fic: Dear Friend (1/?)
Disclaimer: I do not have, nor have I ever been in, contact with any of the creators or producers of the television show Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, nor the films, plays, and radio broadcasts which this work is based upon: Parfumerie, The Shop Around the Corner, In the Good Old Summertime, She Loves Me, and You’ve Got Mail. Some of the lines from these and recognizable scenes and bits of shared dialogue will be played out and paraphrased, but only in tribute and not for anyone’s profit. I also do not own an iota of William Shakespeare’s work, but am borrowing a quote from him presently.

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Fic: Dissonance, Part 1/3

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Dissonance

Title: Dissonance
Author: wolfshadoe
Era/season/setting: S6, between Older And Far Away – As You Were
Rating: uh… NC-17?

Notes: One-shot, complete at 8.6k, but I’ve had to split it for postability.
Beta read by the divine Micrindle23; remaining errors all mine.
I’ve been pretty stumped for words since… around the time I thought I could safely sign up for this. But finally thrashed something out just in time. Far from a fairy-tale, but here it is anyway

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Fic: Sleeping Beauty Awakes

Title: Sleeping Beauty Awakes
Author: titti
Character: Buffy/Spike, Willow/Kennedy
Era: Post-series
Rating: G
Summary: After a fight with a demon, Spike falls asleep and doesn’t wake up. Willow, Kennedy, Dawn and Buffy go to LA to help.
Notes: Written for Fall 2020 round of seasonal spuffy will run on LiveJournal and Dreamwidth. Theme: Fairy Tales Retold

I don’t read the comics and I don’t know what happened in the post series-comics for Angel and/or Buffy. If you consider the comics canon, then it’s AU since I’m making it all up.

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1 Wallpaper | Stay + 2 banners + icons

.| Title: 1 Wallpaper | Stay + 2 Banners + Icons
.| Creator: sintonia

Yes, here I’m again! I wanted to share a wallpaper I made for this round, I skipped the standard format because I adjusted it to my preferences but I think there will be no problems with that. I’ve never made one to share so I hope you like it. Well now I see here and I think it was a little dark, maybe I should increase the light a bit. Btw, here are those banners for the round too and some icons. If you want any let me know, I don’t have any problem if you want to customize. *hugs*

.| 1 Wallpaper – Stay | 1600×1400
.| 2 Banners + icons


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Happy Anniversary! Omg how old am I?

First of all, happy anniversary to everyone! Omg fifteen years! I know it’s a difficult year but you are in the right place. You could travel back in time with those posts and relive it all again, the effort you dedicated, all your creative work, every message of support, all that fun we share every round, there’s so much love around, you have been extraordinary. I really believe it, thank you so much I think after all, we’ve been immensely happy here and I can only be grateful.

And of course if you have been going backwards in that great orgy full of love, happy 20th anniversary of Fool for Love too! It’s a perfect time to stop for a moment because we only had one episode like this in the whole show and we can’t let it go so fast. Please don’t get me wrong, I love too many episodes for different reasons, I can’t decide which one I prefer, I have a natural tendency to contradict myself but maybe it’s the exception. I didn’t have time yesterday but it’s my posting day and I’m going to take advantage of it. Yes please, you can do it with me right here. After all, you actually do it all the time. In fact, I think we have been talking about Fool for Love for years without thinking it. So under the cut I will not try to wash your mind, it’s not necessary, we’ve been doing it ever since we saw it.

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“Life Serial” limerick

Title: Life Serial limerick
Author: thenewbuzwuzz
Era/Season/Setting: s6
Rating: G
Notes: What would a “Fool for Love” anniversary be without any bloody awful poetry? :) To make sure we have at least a little of that, here’s a tiny little limerick (which is also the longest piece of fiction I’ve completed in the last three months, yay!).

She’s neither a shop girl nor a schoolgirl.
She’s a fighter, commander, and doer.
She’s a creature of dark,
and this demon bar
will for sure be the right place to woo her.

ETA: this is, of course, halfway found poetry, so credit to David Fury or Jane Espenson or whoever wrote “You’re not a schoolgirl. You’re not a shop girl. You’re a creature of the darkness. Like me.” – Life Serial

Further note: this post continues in the comments.

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Fic: Nothing Is Finished, Chapter 3

For those of you who are still staying with me … please do read Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 before starting this one. This story will be posted in its entirety in Seasonal Spuffy before going anywhere else.

Title: Nothing Is Finished, Chapter 3
Author: stuffnonsense / stuffandnonsense
Era/season/setting: Post-Series
Rating: Mature

In Ripples on a Hellmouth, Buffy went back in time seven times to fix her past and stop the world from ending. Each trip back showed her a different ‘present’, until by the end she barely recognised it. But she still ended up with almost everything she’d ever hoped for in a happily ever after.

At least part of that was because of Spike. Just … not the same Spike she found herself married to in 2023. It was a different version of Spike – one who Buffy met in passing in one of her intermediate futures – who made just the one time jump, back seven years in time-travelling-Buffy’s timeline to when Buffy’s husband died.

This is his story.

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Buffy, Spike, and the Witch of the Acheron River (1/1)

Title: Buffy, Spike, and the Witch of the Acheron River
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Joss owns all.
Summary: A sort of fairy tale. Buffy receives word that someone she knows has come to the meadows across the river. Written for the 15th anniversary of Seasonal Spuffy and for all the lovely people who make fandom a wonderful place to be. (This was written in about three days after my son went to bed so any mistakes are all mine.)

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