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Title: Alone
Author: Garnigal
Era/season/setting: Post-Chosen
Rating: G

She sat alone in the back of the bus. Everyone else had limped into rooms and heaved themselves onto beds, but she sat alone in the back of the bus.

She couldn’t take her eyes off the headlights rushing past on the highway just beyond the parking lot.

She kept hoping to see a vehicle wheel into the parking lot, coming from the north. Turning in at the last second, driving like the hounds of hell were in pursuit.

She didn’t know what vehicle it would be. She imagined he’d steal something, flash some fang to scare some poor guy away. Probably some college linebacker type, out with a tiny cheerleader. He always got annoyed by people like that.

She knew he wasn’t coming. She’d seen him burn. Seen him lit in a pure light that couldn’t exist in reality, a light that burned away all the darkness in that horrifying place.

She knew he wasn’t coming.

But she sat alone in the back of the bus while the slayers and Scoobies slept and cried. She sat alone in the back of the bus, dry eyed, watching for a car to turn in at the last second.

She sat alone.


I’m sorry this is late and lame. I literally forgot I’d signed up for this until 9:30 tonight. I’m going to try and write something else for free-for-all for a little added fun!

Happy Seasonal Spuffy!

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