“After the Deluge” Chapter Six

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That’s all for tonight, but if you like it you can find more in a few days at my own LJ. Thanks again to our lovely mods – and thank you for reading, if you have been!

Just one further chapter, as our pair inch inexorably towards each other.

Chapter One is here.
Chapter Two is here
Chapter Three is here.
Chapter Four is here.
Chapter Five is here.


Chapter Six: Clear Skies Over Europe

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After the Deluge – Chapter 19

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This one’s just a link to my own LJ, as it’s a chapter in my WIP, Spuffy in eventual aim, which I started on this comm this time last year. It’s now up to Chapter Nineteen.

Follow the fake cut to my LJ

Finally, many, many thanks to our lovely mods for keeping this comm running, and to all the contributors who never fail to amaze and humble me with the sheer quality as well as quantity of their work.

After the Deluge – the WIP that just won’t die.

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Today is slaymesoftly‘s posting day, but she is struggling with a poorly computer, an inept repair service and the impossibility of using tablets and phones to post anything of actual substance.

So I offered to step in, to share something I had planned to post at the weekend, when you Colonials have a Mother’s Day. Many, many moons ago now I started a post-NFA, post-Chosen story called After the Deluge. Quite a lot of its early chapters were posted to this community. One point three three recurring percent of you may even recall the fic, which had Spike and Buffy slowly moving, one from California, the other from Rome, until they finally meet in the Cotswolds, with a substantial cast of others. The last chapter I posted was Chapter 25.

Well, an MA took up a lot of time, and other writing was a distraction. But I did do more, and as it started on this comm, it seems a good place to offer it up. Spike, Buffy and the gang are in a barn in the Cotswolds, it’s dark, and The First has recently appeared to scare everybody a bit.

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After the Deluge – 27

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It’s still the 1st where you are, right?

I’ve been bogged down in essay-writing and other academic stuff, but I couldn’t let this anniversary pass without something. I started my WIP, After the Deluge on this comm, more years ago than I care to admit, and here is another chapter. Two, possibly three to follow. The first 26 chapters can be found here.

Rated PG13 for mild violence in this chapter, rather stronger overall.

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Don’t faint: After the Deluge

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It’s my day and I’ve been working on my long-moribund fic, After the Deluge. I started it on seasonal_spuffy a mere twelve years ago, and I’m going to finish it here. You might like to refresh your memory of it here.

Quick summary – post NFA, Spike and Buffy have finally met to combat the resurgent First Evil in the Cotswolds – indeed, at the site of the Deeper Well. Rupert Giles has a brother, Oscar, who has not been behaving at all well.

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