Vidlet: Obsessed With You (worksafe)

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Title: Obsessed With You
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz
Rating: worksafe
Summary: this short Spike POV video is a tribute to two flavors of early Spuffy: best enemies in denial and Spike’s feral gremlin era. The Spuffy ride wouldn’t be nearly as fun without these humble beginnings and unhinged detours. :’)

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Notes: happy Seasonal Spuffy, everyone!! Sorry about overshooting midnight.
I made this in Kdenlive using the HD eps from and roughly following marnanightingale’s cutting and syncing tutorial.
Thank you to the ever-lovely thewiggins for beta-watching this on short notice and pointing out that I had unintentionally implied Buffy has 1 (one) friend.

I’ve got your picture on my wall.
I dream about you when I sleep.
I go out of my way, every day, just hoping that
I’ll catch you walking down the street.
I know just where you went to school.
I know the names of all your friends.
I’ve got it bad again,
an O-B-S-E-S-S-I-O-N.
I know your middle name.
I’ve got a locket of your hair.
I’m just a little bit insane,
’cause I think I see you everywhere.
My friends, they just don’t understand.
They cannot see my point of view.
They say it’s gotten out of hand
and I’m obsessed with you.

You can check out the rest of the song “Obsessed With You” by The Orion Experience here. What clips would match the other lyrics is left as an exercise for the viewer. :)

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