Banners: 7 deadly sins

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Title: 7 deadly sins
Creator: Double Dutchess
Era/season: Seasons 4 to 6 and 10
Rating: worksafe
“Spike/Other”: Spike and his date from Hells Bells in #6

My contribution doesn’t exactly match this round’s theme, but it was inspired by it. Specifically, by the hell part, which for some reason led my mind to the seven deadly sins (which I suppose have the potential to land you in hell, according to Christian teachings).  

So I made seven banners, each illustrating one of the sins in connection to Spuffy. Some were more challenging than others! Below, I’ve ordered them according to Buffy and Spike’s journey through time. If anyone wants any of these re-purposed as a fic banner, just let me know.

1. Wrath

There are other scenes I could have chosen for this one, but I wanted to keep things lighthearted.


2. Gluttony

Plenty of scenes of Buffy and Spike indulging individually (I really would have liked to do Buffy with the milk carton from Living Conditions!) but it wasn’t easy to find a Spuffy-related one. In the end I thought that this one of Spike drowning his Buffy-related sorrows should do.


3. Greed

Being on a “date” with Buffy in Fool for Love would already have been payment enough for Spike, but of course he had to keep up appearances!


4. Pride

Fool for Love part two: the “date” didn’t end so well…


5. Lust

Soooo many scenes to choose from for this one, but I was lazy and made a variation of one of my banners from the banner challenge.


6. Envy

I don’t think jealousy is exactly the same as envy, but it’s close enough. Also, it fits with the colour of Buffy’s bridesmaid dress.


7. Sloth

This was the most difficult one, and I’m not sure lounging in bed really counts as sloth, but it was a great opportunity to get a happy comics one in. The quote is from the morning after in Wrecked, and I thought it was very fitting, although technically they’re watching the news, not reading the newspaper.


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