4 Banners

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Title – 1. Desoto, 2. Comic Goodbye, 3. Chosen , 4. Bring on the Night
creator – teragramm
rating – other

For my 1st post of the day under the cut are 4 banners. If you would like any personalized, just ask. Enjoy!!

  1. Desoto

2. Comic Goodbye

3. Chosen

4. Bring on the Night

Buffy/Spike comic image taken from Dark Horse Buffy comics A/W by Rebekah Isaacs and Megan Levens.

The caps used in these icons/banners were made from caps made by me from Buffy HD episodes found here

All resources can be found on my lj profile pageor my dreamwidth profile page

Originally posted at: https://seasonal-spuffy.dreamwidth.org/976198.html