One More With Feeling (and another, and another…)

I have an art piece I was working on for this round, but it’s taking a lot longer than I expected. So instead, have a short one-shot from the Fancy Archives, and keep an eye out for that art during the solstice free-for-all!

Title: One More With Feeling (and another, and another…)
Era/season/setting: Season 6
Rating: T

Summary: Buffy deals with Spike’s song in OMWF a little bit differently. AKA Spuffy, now with communication!

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Fic: Make Up

Title: Make Up

Author:​ Fancyflautist

Setting: post-series

Rating: PG-13

A/N: I’m already committed to posting one fic a day up until Christmas on my own journal, so I figured I’d just post this one here for the event and link it on mine instead! This is lightly inspired by an Ariana Grande song called Make Up, and also the Buffyverse Bingo prompt “Seeing Red” which I wanted to take in a different direction than just writing around the episode.

Also there’s an AO3 tag called “no beta we die like men” and I feel like that fits this situation. Please let me know any mistakes you find so I can correct ’em.

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30 Icons and 6 Banners- Dark Carnival Themed

Title: 30 Dark Carnival Icons and 6 Dark Carnival Banners

Creator: Fancyflautist

Hi everyone! I’ve been planning the fic I had decided to write for this round since March… and then never finished it, heh. So, for now, have some icons and banners! If you want to claim a banner just let me know a fic name and author name and I’ll get it personalized for you. I can also resize if needed.

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Fic: Ostara Blessings

Title: Ostara Blessings

Author: fancyflautist 

Era/season/setting: S6/S7

Rating: PG (minor language)

Summary: Willow enlists the help of the Scoobies for a big abundance ritual for Ostara.  Meanwhile, Buffy is trying to push forward in her relationship with Spike. Featuring grass facts, a hell-bunny, and an original Wiccan ritual!

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