Fic: Ripples on a Hellmouth – Teaser for the Sequel

Title: Teaser for the Sequel
Author: stuffandnonsense (stuffnonsense)
Era/Season/Setting: Post-Series
Rating: PG
Warning: Spike/Other (exactly as much as there was in Ripples, possibly very slightly less)

Author’s Note: This is the kicking off point for another story, but that won’t come out for a while yet (I had Covid, it slowed everything up). However, on its own it is a sequel of sorts for Ripples on a Hellmouth: re-imagining the chapter ‘Four‘ from Spike’s perspective. You may want to read Ripples (or at least ‘Four’) first, but this shouldn’t be totally unreadable if you don’t want to.

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Fic: Ripples on a Hellmouth (1 of 2)

Apologies for what probably seems like a horrendous crossover with teragramm, but I really am posting everything after midnight my time!

I wanted to write something original for round 25 of seasonal_spuffy, but I’ve also just finished a brand new, never-been-published story. So I decided to post both. Time travel is a kind of road trip, right?

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