Memorial Day

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Title: Memorial Day
Author: myrabeth
Setting: Post Series
Rating: G
Summary: Buffy arrives in Los Angeles in May of 2004.
Double drabble (200 words)

Memorial Day is for remembering lost soldiers. As if I need reminding of the lost soldiers, lost friends, and lost loves behind me. I’ll never forget.

…Especially as I survey the scene of yet another California apocalypse in May.

I came, scythe in hand, to help Angel clean up, but he insists I hear the story first. It’s a story of deals with the devil, of saving the son I didn’t know he had, and of how it all fell apart.

It’s also the story of his good intentions in convincing Spike to let me keep counting. 367 days.

Every word fills me with dread. It’s not a big leap to guess where this story is going: Spike’s gone again.

Angel betrayed me.

Years spent calling himself my ally were lies, masking bad decisions and selfish motivations. He could’ve called, or encouraged Spike to call. For me. He did the opposite, because it was better for him.

I press my blade to his throat. “Give me one reason I shouldn’t.”

Behind me comes the voice of a lost soldier, a lost friend, a lost love. A voice I’ll never forget.

“Because he hasn’t finished the story, love.”

I turn around.

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