Stickshifts and Safetybelts

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Title: Stickshifts and Safetybelts
Author: Lady Emma
Era/season/setting: Indeterminate era, established relationship, road trip.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: sexual situations, light-to-medium BDSM, dom!Spike/sub!Buffy, porn utterly devoid of plot
Author’s Note: Title from the song by Cake. Betaread by trevino. Includes a gorgeous and sexy banner made by scratchmeout. This is far and away the dirtiest thing I’ve ever put out for public consumption, so I hope you all enjoy it. ;)

Stickshifts and safetybelts
Bucket seats have all got to go
When we’re driving in the car
It makes my baby seem so far
I need you here with me
Not way over in a bucket seat
I need you to be here with me
Not way over in a bucket seat
~ Cake, “Stickshifts and Safetybelts” (Fashion Nugget, 1996)

They’d been driving for a while now, and Buffy was starting to get antsy. Bored and horny, to be more precise, but just also physically antsy. She needed to move. She needed to get fucked.

Spike, for all his braggadocio about being able to smell her arousal, seemed completely unaware of her current state as he continued driving, humming along with the radio. But she couldn’t wait any longer.

Unbuckling her seatbelt, Buffy slid across the DeSoto’s swivel seats to press up against him, grateful for the lack of a console.

Spike smiled in surprise and put his arm around her. “Hello.”

Buffy started nibbling at his ear in a wordless reply, rubbing her breasts against his side as her hand rested on his knee and traveled slowly up his thigh. She was glad he was only in a button-down and wasn’t wearing the coat while driving. Easier access, she thought, slipping one of the buttons on his shirt free, and then another, to get her hand on his bare chest.

“What’s all this, then?” he asked innocently, barely inhaling, though the smell of her surrounded him. “Something you need, Slayer?”

Oh, he was playing with her. Her hand skimming up his thigh arrived at where his erection strained against his jeans, and she hummed in delight.

Suddenly, his hand wrapped her long blonde locks around itself, pulling her head back authoritatively, so she couldn’t reach him with her mouth. “I believe I asked if there was something you need, pet,” he scolded.

“Yes,” she gasped in pleasure at the slight pain in her scalp. God, she loved it when he pulled her hair. He always used the right amount of pressure, grabbing a large fistful with his graceful fingers to avoid the sharp little pains of individual hairs being yanked.

“Yes, what?” he demanded with a growl, the sound sending a tingle down her spine.

“Yes, please?” she replied cheekily. He tugged her hair again, wrenching her head back. “Yes, sir!” she amended.

“That’s better,” he replied, using her hair to push her face toward his crotch, though she needed no coaxing. “If you want my cock, you better pull it out and get sucking, dirty girl.”

His words echoing in her mind, she undid his belt and unzipped his pants, pulling his thick uncut dick out and running her hand up and down the firm shaft. The car swerved a tiny bit, and she glanced up.

Spike was concentrating on driving until he realized she’d paused. Looking down, he locked eyes with her. “Did I stutter, slut? Put my cock in your mouth right. The fuck. Now.” He pushed her head down again until the fat tip of his dick pressed against her lips. “You better open up,” he warned her.

Hmm, or what? she wondered. And as fun as road-head was, it wasn’t the safest thing in the world, and truly the highway was too busy for it. So she pressed her luck, giving the precum-leaking slit a close-mouthed peck.

“Now, you’re gonna get it,” he growled, spinning the steering wheel to pull the car over onto the shoulder of the highway and putting it into park.

Buffy could hear the wind and feel the DeSoto shift on its frame as cars sped past. “Spike, it’s broad daylight, and there are so many cars out there. We can’t stop here, the cops are sure to show,” she tried to reason with him.

“What’s your safeword?” he checked.


“Are you using it?” She shook her head no. “Then you had better suck that dick down your throat, hadn’t you?” he replied, condescendingly, leaning back and putting his hands behind his head in repose. “Get to it, whore.”

Buffy knelt on the seats, getting on all fours to put her face back in his crotch, where she sucked the head of his cock into her mouth and pushed the foreskin back with her tongue. One hand stroked the bottom of his shaft where her mouth couldn’t reach, and the other wriggled into his jeans to cup firmly at his balls. “Good girl,” he praised her. “Keep your hands where they are.”

Spike used one hand to hold her hair out of her face as she sucked him off, occasionally using it to suddenly shove her down so she would gag. His other hand made its way down her back and flipped her skirt up, exposing her ass and total lack of underwear to the chill air around them.

“Dirty bitch, did you forget your panties? Too distracted by thoughts of getting fucked to put any on. Fuck, you must have been dripping on the car seats this whole time. My whole car is going to smell like your delicious cunt for a week. What a lovely prezzie.” He pulled her mouth off of his dick with an audible pop, and she licked her lips, knowing the sight of it drove him mad. “What do you want, nasty girl?”

“More,” she moaned. He slapped her ass for the insolence. “More, please, sir!”

“That’s good, you naughty thing. Take it.” He pushed his dick back into her mouth. “Get it down your throat.” Her lips spread wide around his shaft as she tried to get as much of it in her mouth as possible, gagging, but pushing herself to suck more and savoring the moans she earned when she did.

He ran a finger down the crack of her ass and over her puckered hole, until he reached her pussy, slipping it inside without warning. “So wet, fucking dirty…” he moaned, thrusting his single digit in and out a few times, swirling it around to get it good and dripping with her. Buffy groaned at the insufficient touch, even more so as he pulled the finger out completely. He ran his now-soaked finger back over her taint and up to her asshole. He rubbed and pushed at the taut opening in time with her head bobbing on his cock, until he finally slipped it inside up to his first knuckle.

She moaned around his prick. “Fucking slut,” he murmured, slowly pushing his finger further into her ass, making her squeal. “Gonna shove my cock into your tight pussy and finger your asshole while I do it, fill you up completely. Is that what you want?” She hummed in the affirmative through a mouthful of dick, knowing he loved the vibrations. Oh fuck, yes, PLEASE.

Quickly slipping his finger out of her asshole, he yanked her off of his cock and pulled her closer by her knees so she fell on her back, legs spread around him, skirt still flipped up and her drenched pussy exposed. He tugged on the neckline of her tank top so her unencumbered breasts popped out, pushed up by the tight cotton. “No bra, my dirty girl?” he asked, plucking at a nipple before giving the side of her tit a hard smack, then doing the same with the other one. She gasped with each brutal action. Fuck, it was so good, him toying with her like this. Leaning over her, he pushed her thighs further apart, and she savored the burn of the sudden stretch. “Spread your cunt for me.” She reached down to do so, and he rewarded her by rubbing the length of his prick on her wet open pussy, slapping it against her clit.

“Uh uh,” she moaned, desperately shifting her hips to increase the friction.

“Something you want, bitch?” he asked, casually.

She nodded, frantically.

“Too cock-dumb to ask for what you need?” he tutted. “That’s too bad. Only good sluts who ask for it get railed like they deserve.” Another slap of his dick to her clit, and she moaned loudly. “Go on, ask for it.”

“Please,” she begged.

“Hmm,” he frowned. “I’m fairly certain ‘asking for it’ entails a full sentence with proper forms of address. Dumb whore can’t handle that, though, huh?” He flipped her back on her stomach, pulling her ass up so she was on her knees with her face pressed into the leather seat. “Bad girls who don’t ask to get fucked properly, get punished instead.” SMACK. He slapped his palm across both of her asscheeks at once.

“Oh!” she gasped.

“You gonna take your punishment, pet?” He chuckled. “Of course you are, otherwise you wouldn’t have been such a naughty slut.” He pulled his belt out of his pants and wrapped it around her wrists, pulling them together at the base of her spine, right above the sloping curves of her ass. “How’s that?”

“Good, sir. Punish me, please, sir.”

SMACK, he spanked her again in the same spot, across the peak of her ass. “Look at that jiggle. Fucking gorgeous. Gonna turn your arse red and then maybe I’ll fuck you if I haven’t come all over your juicy rump first.” He spanked each cheek separately, and then together, lower, closer to her cunt. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK.

“Yesssss,” she hissed in pleasure at the tanning she was receiving from his incredible hands. “Please, sir, please fuck me,” she finally begged, as he slid his dick between her asscheeks, pressing them around his length, fucking her crack as he repositioned himself behind her.

Without any warning or ceremony, he moved it to the opening of her vagina and shoved his thick cock straight in, and she screamed against the leather seat at the pressure and stretch of it all.

“Do you need your safeword?” he checked, freezing with his dick buried inside of her.

“No, sir!” she promised. “I need you to fuck me hard! Please, sir!” She was so desperate, and he had just sunk himself in her pussy and stopped moving.

“Think I promised to fuck you in more than one hole,” he recalled, too calmly for her tastes. He gathered more of her wetness from around his dick, wriggled his finger back into her ass, and started to shallowly fuck her with it, all the while still keeping his dick unmoving, stuffed deep in her cunt. “How’s that feel, slut?”

“Goood, sir,” Buffy whined. “So good, so full.”

“Well, we can get you fuller than that,” he commented, slipping another finger into her asshole, spreading them to stretch her a bit, before shoving them in all the way. SMACK. He slapped her ass again with his free hand now that both his cock and fingers were in her to the hilts. “Better,” he declared.

“Yes, sir!”

“Or do you need another finger up your arse?” he wondered, teasing her hole with a third digit.

She shook her head frantically. “No, sir!”

He shrugged. “I suppose two will do, for now. One of these days I’m gonna shove my cock up there and leave your pussy empty and gaping. I’ll fuck your ass and rub your clit and make you cum around nothing at all until you’re begging me to stick just one finger in your greedy twat.” She moaned at the image he painted. “Like the thought of that, do you? Depraved little cunt.” SMACK. He hit her other asscheek with a backstroke. He ground his pelvis into hers, finally giving her some of the movement she was so desperate for. “Gonna fuck you now, whore. Is that what you want?”

“Please, sir! Please!” she begged, pressing her face back into the seat.

He pulled his cock almost all the way out of her pussy, just leaving the tip inside of her, and then slid all the way home again in one smooth thrust.


“God, yes, Slayer! Squeeze that sopping cunt around my prick. You fucking love it, don’t you?” He replaced the fingers in her ass with his thumb, using the rest of his hand to hold her in place, and started fucking her in earnest, pounding her pussy with his cock. “Stupid fucking slut. So desperate, you little whore. Take it.”

God she loved all of it. The degradation, the name-calling, the spanking, his dominance over her. It was all exactly what she needed, and somehow he always knew just how to please her.

Pulling his thumb out of her ass now, he leaned forward, pressing her down into the seat with his body. Her nipples were being rubbed raw by the leather seats, but he reached under her and pinched and twisted them for good measure. Then he wrapped his hand around her throat, not choking, just holding her in place, and kept fucking her hard.

“Unh unh,” she panted. “Unh, I’m gonna come.”

He squeezed her throat ever so slightly. “Is that how we ask for permission, naughty slut?”

“Please, sir, can I come?” she asked, not sure she’d be able to stop the oncoming orgasm no matter how stern his voice became. God, it honestly only made it worse.

He leaned back and pulled his cock all the way out, grabbing it to rub and slap the head on her clit. “Come when I say and I’ll stick it back in you as a reward. If you come sooner, you’ll just be coming around nothing like a stupid bitch. Understand?” She nodded. “Good.” He popped the fat tip back in her pussy, stroking his shaft with his hand and rubbing her clit the way she liked with the other one. “Come now, you desperate whore. You’re gonna come just on the tip of my cock and I’m gonna jerk off into you.”

“Oh fuck, yes, Spike!!” she screamed, doing exactly that as the pleasure rolled through her in waves.

His hand circling his cock tightened and moved faster up and down his shaft. “Buffy!” he cried out, as he came, spurting his cum into her pussy, even as he barely thrust the tip into her. Then he shoved all the way in as he finished, triggering another orgasm from the Slayer.

“Fuuuuuuuuck,” she cried.

He collapsed on top of her. “Fuck, Slayer, you spoil me, dirty girl.” He ran his hand the length of her spine, soothing her, unwrapping his belt from her wrists with a gentle touch.

She moaned in disappointment as he pulled out. She liked being full of him.

“Poor baby,” he murmured, pulling her skirt back down and her shirt up as he rolled her over, bestowing a final kiss on each nipple as he did. “How’re your hands? Full range of motion?”

She flexed her fingers and rolled her shoulders as he tucked himself back into his pants and rethreaded his belt. “All good.”

He sat back in the driver’s seat, pulling her to him to cuddle up to his side, handing her a bottle of water. “What do you say we find a hotel as soon as possible, pet?”

She perked up. “Round two?”

“Round fucking two, baby,” he laughed, putting the car in gear and pulling back onto the highway.

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