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“Clipping Service”
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AP Newsflash

May 20, 2003

Sinkhole reportedly swallows town

From Staff Reports

SUNNYDALE, Calif. — The entire township of Sunnydale has collapsed into a sinkhole, according to initial reports from Governor‘s Office of Emergency Services.

Initial reports from emergency response teams from the surrounding communities indicated no casualties. Bengston Fire Chief Jose Cruz told the AP that the entire population of roughly 55,000 had evacuated or been evacuated in the week prior to the collapse, after seismologists at University of California at Sunnydale warned of potential volcanic development.

“We’ve always known that the ground beneath Sunnydale was riddled with hollow limestone caverns,” said UCS seismologist Wanda Van de Poll, speaking in a telephone interview after evacuating to Berkeley, Calif. “During the past two weeks, we’ve seen a pattern of rising seismic activity, centered in town. We’re very lucky that people were very cooperative and evacuated when they did. This could have been a catastrophe for human life.”

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS STORY. More information will be posted as it becomes available.



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