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“Clipping Service”
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The Northern Echo
June 5, 2003

Real Estate Transactions in the County of Durham
Little Stainton –
Land and building at 1 Durham Street, owned by the Jennings Estate, sold to Rupert Giles for 3.2 million pounds.
Land and buildings at 30 High Street, owned by Robert Batchelder, sold to Jacqueline Tress for 179,000 pounds.
Land at 95 Lakeshore Drive, owned by Mary Roberts, sold to the Sawyers Living Trust, for 55,000 pounds.

The Northern Echo
June 23, 2003

Constable’s Report for County of Darlington

Nadia Grange, 60, of 909 Main Street, Spennymore, was arrested and charged with public intoxication and one count of indecent exposure.

Between July 4-10, police reported:

25 parking tickets were reported
20 traffic stops were reported.
1 call for an ambulance was reported.
5 animal complaints were made.
20 motor vehicle complaints were made.
10 motor vehicle accidents were reported.
1 domestic disturbance was reported.
2 services of paperwork were reported.
1 civil matter was reported.



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