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“Clipping Service”
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The Los Angeles Times
May 21, 2004

Large chemical spill delays traffic
Matt Feldham
Metro Reporter

FINANCIAL DISTRICT — Traffic is being rerouted around Pershing Square after a report of a chemical spill in downtown Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Hazardous Material Response Chief Ryan McCollough reported that several barrels of potassium hydroxide were spilled in an alley behind an abandoned hotel. Potassium hydroxide is a strong base, often used in soaps, and can be caustic in concentrated amounts.

“We believe the barrels were found in the basement of the old hotel, possibly left when the hotel was abandoned years ago,” said McCollough. “The chemical is at a very high molarity, meaning that it’s extremely caustic. We’re advising all traffic, both on foot and on wheels, to steer clear of the area.”

McCollough would not speculate on how the barrels came to be spilled in the alley. Rasheed Ghorpade, owner of the nearby Maharashtra Nights restaurant, said that he often saw men gathering in that area.

“There’s a violent element on these streets,” said Ghorpade. “I wish it wasn’t true, but I’ll bet the men that used to hang around behind that hotel had something to do with this.”

McCollough said that the Hazmat team would be working around the clock to clean up the spill, and believed that the area would be open by the evening rush.


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