“Clipping Service” – 10/16

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“Clipping Service”
Rated PG
Disclaimer: All names of people, places, things, literary and creative works of art are used lovingly in this work of fiction. None of them belong to this author, and no profit is derived from this use.

Note: Moving to Italy in this one!


New muse for Ortale?

Staff Reports
ROME — Reports have surfaced that Emmaus Ortale, painter, writer, and all-around Renaissance man many have found his latest inspiration in an American expatriate visiting in Rome.
Ortale is playing it close to the vest, keeping the young blonde’s identity a secret, but sources close to him say that the American has captured his heart. One report even hinted that Ortale was considering real estate in the wine country of Napa Valley, California, for a hometown setting nearer to the woman’s own home.
The two were spotted arm-in-arm at Caligula’s Den. Ortale’s companion, a glowing blonde, stunned the crowd speechless with a strapless red dress and killer stilettos. After a heavy night of partying at the Den, the two hit the town the next evening for an elegant dinner at Etrusca before dancing again at the Den.
“She’s got a weird habit when dancing, she likes to shake her head so that her hair flies all over the place,” said one close source. “Americans, eh?”



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