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“Clipping Service”
Rated PG
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The Northern Echo
July 27, 2003

Seen and Heard –
A return to old grounds?

Violet Keyes
Staff Reporter
LITTLE STAINTON — Rumour has it that the last witch in England was hanged here – and it’s that fact that brings in practitioners of paganism by the dozens nowadays.
Dressed in earthy, flowing robes and colourful shawls, a dozen or so women, young and old, disembarked from a bus in the little town last week, amid the hustle and bustle of tourists passing through the picturesque scenery. A woman, who gave her name only as Althea, said that although some might consider them witches, they were actually practitioners of paganism.
They were met at the local telephone kiosk by Willow Rosenberg, an American on vacation in the area. She said that the meeting was just “a gathering of old friends.” As to why she was carrying a skull ring, a tub of salt, a jar of purple crystals, and a box of matches, Rosenberg declined to comment.
“We do a few rituals, light some candles,” said Rosenberg. “It’s all very tame stuff. We don’t bring out the big guns – so to speak – for another few months.”
The women then boarded a large van driven by an associate of Rosenberg’s. When asked her name, the blonde woman said, “I’m the bad witch,” and sped off.



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