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“Clipping Service”
Rated PG
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Note: Just want to say I love you guys and your wonderful comments, and will reply back to them as soon as I can!
Also, I know the Daytime Emmy Awards are in June, and didn’t move to LA until recently. Suspend a bit of disbelief with me, if you would…

Soap Opera Digest
For the Week of September 18-25

Ghostly mayhem? No, it’s not Passions…

From Staff Reports
Now that Susan Lucci’s curse has ended, is it time that the Daytime Emmy Awards becomes haunted?
Several of our reporters, and several attendees of the event reported seeing a man attending the event, who walked through walls. All agreed on the description of the man – middling stature, platinum blond hair, and dark leather duster. Many said he bore an odd resemblance to 80’s rocker Billy Idol.
“Who invited the Phantom of the Opera?” asked Juliet Mills, Tabitha Lenox of Passions. “I couldn’t believe my eyes, and I was descended from Frog People! I mean, my character was.”
Passions creator James Reilly denied any involvement with the apparition, but did say that he’d heard from several members of the cast and their families that a man with platinum blond hair had been sighted often around their tables, before walking through tables and chairs to cross the room.
“Someone was yelling at me about Tabitha’s baby’s name,” said Reilly. “It might have been him – sometimes the fans do try and yell suggestions. Someone else was yelling at me during the breaks about ending the whole ’fated love’ thing, and, to be honest, it’s not the worst suggestion I’ve heard.”
Kodiak Theater general manager Rob Medina said that in his two years at the young Kodiak Theater, which opened in 2001, he’d never heard of a resident ghost.
“Everyone keeps saying the ghost of Billy Idol is floating around here somewhere,” said Medina. “It’s ridiculous. I keep having to tell them that he’s still alive. Poor guy.”



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