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“Clipping Service”
Rated PG
Disclaimer: All names of people, places, things, literary and creative works of art are used lovingly in this work of fiction. None of them belong to this author, and no profit is derived from this use.

May 20, 2004

Girlfriend’s brawl mars Ortale opening

Marie Vioget

Arts and Entertainment

PARIS — It’s enough to put a frown on Mona Lisa’s face. The gala opening of an exhibit of Emmaus Ortale’s at the Lourve came to an abrupt end when his female companion smashed one of Ortale’s latest paintings over his head.

The woman, known only as “Elizabeth Winters” to the press, has been romantically linked with Ortale during the last few months. A gorgeous, leggy blonde, she captured the hearts of Italians when she appeared on the arm of their star artist.

But something went wrong between the two of them last night.

Winters attended the gala opening on Ortale’s Armani-clad arm in a gorgeous draped sapphire gown, created by Laura Biagiotti. They chatted with the likes of Johnny Depp, Julie Zenatti, Ahmed Al Safi, and Yoko Ono.

The evening began to unwind as Winters toured the exhibit on Ortale’s arm. They stopped at one of his latest works, ‘Discotheque Punk’, where Winters became visibly agitated. Gala opening attendants reported that the two exchanged some heated words, and that Winters cried out, “How could you hide him from me? He’s alive?”

Without waiting for an answer, Winters reportedly grabbed the painting and broke it over Ortale’s head, leaving the frame to dangle around his neck. Winters then stormed out of the Louvre, flipping off several photographers in her way. Police were contacted, but were unable to find her.

Ortale handled the incident with his usual good grace, and model/songwriter Carla Bruni was induced to take Winters’ place on his arm.


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