FIC: When the Rest of Heaven Was Blue 1/5 (Spike/Buffy, WIP)

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First, a big thanks to for yet again organising Seasonal Spuffy, and for being so very understanding at my complete lack of short term memory ;)

Title: When the Rest of Heaven Was Blue
Rating: R-ish at most, probably
Pairing: Spike/Buffy (d’uh)
Summary: After Willow’s spell goes wrong during a mission, Spike and Buffy have to face the demons in their relationship.
Spoilers/setting: Set in a vague post-everything future where Spike and Buffy are an established couple. No spoilers for the comics.

Her boyfriend? A horse.

I will be continuing the story in my own journal, and you can receive a notification whenever it is updated by subscribing to my fanfic: btvs: spuffy wip tag. I’ll also be posting it on and possible at some Spuffy archive.