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“Clipping Service”
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The Northern Echo
October 14, 2003

Lowering the volume in Little Stainton

Violet Keyes
Staff Reporter
LITTLE STAINTON — A Little Stainton man broke his silence over the noise from motorcycles and cars in his area, which he said he believes are in violation of the borough’s noise ordinance.
Joshua Bartlett spoke to the council last week about enforcement of a noise ordinance, specifically in reference to motorcycles with straight pipes, and cars of young teenage girls playing rock music who Bartlett said often travel by his home.
“The motorcycles are out of control,” said Bartlett. “They’re bad, but the girls in the cars are as discourteous as they can possibly be. It‘s not just one driving slow playing some offensive American rap, it‘s followed seven or eight more cars, some playing Bollywood soundtracks and the worst kind of punk you could imagine.”
Councillor Carol Twin said she would speak to the constable, but told Bartlett that such an ordinance would be difficult to enforce. Councilman Edward Roy said that he agreed about the noise increasing around the town. Often, he said, when he performs weddings in the town square, the ceremony must pause for bikers or groups of loud teenage girls to pass by. The council noted that the town had seen an uptick in the population of young teenagers “hanging out” in the area, particularly girls. Twin expressed confusion at this, and said she didn’t know what could attract them, besides nature.
Resident Lily Rackham chimed in with the noise that often disturbs her – jake brakes on tractor trailers. Bartlett asked selectmen to put up a sign at the town line informing people of the noise ordinance.
“It’s a constant irritation in my life,” said resident Christina Ashwell “I have photos from signs in various other towns, just as I hoped the town could move on ‘no idling’ signs.”
Roy noted that there were a number of complaints about Little Stainton people stopped for speeding through town at speeds above 30 mph, but said that if they lifted enforcement, people would complain about that as well. The item will stay on the pending portion of the council’s agendas until the constable can report back, Twin said.
The Northern Echo approached one young woman in a noisy car, who would only identify herself as “Dawn,” and spoke with an American accent.
“Exactly what else is there for us to do?” asked Dawn. “A lot of us train or study all day, and there’s nothing to do at night. My sister had to go to Rome to find a better nightlife situation.”



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