Vid: As Time Goes By (Hello Stranger)

Vid: As Time Goes By (Hello Stranger)
Creator: Double Dutchess
Setting: Comic seasons 8-11
Rating: other (a couple of sexy images, but nothing explicit)
Comics art: Georges Jeanty, Cliff Richards, Megan Levens, Rebekah Isaacs

So, my offering for this round is a vid. Not a regular one, but a comics based one. Technically, it is a slide show, but I tried to turn it into something more than that. And for those of you who haven’t kept up with the comics: yes, when Spike shows up in S8 he has a space ship…

If you’re in one of the 4 countries where the video is blocked, you can also watch it on Vimeo (hopefully it isn’t blocked there).

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Flames – Free for All Day

633480_original.jpgTitle: Flames
Creator: comlodge
Characters: Buffy and Spike – of course
Rating: R – sexual themes – explicit sexual descriptions in story. Images are worksafe.
Medium: Fanvid/Podcast – Artwork – Banners and Wallpapers
Disclaimer: For fun and entertainment only
Summary: Yes folks. Something completly different for me. Comlodge has read her naughty little fic, a sensual Spuffy interlude during their full on S6 affair. It’s a podcast recorded as a video showing several pieces by comlodge herself that do not necessarily match the timing of the story line. They are pretty though. The music is Gympoiedia by Incompetech. The images are included after the video. The video is set to adults only on youtube. I might add, that it is dashed hard recording yourself reading even a short story, lol. Fun though. The video was uploaded in high def and is best viewed full screen if you wish to study the images. Just saying. :D

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Vid: Invincible

Title: Invincible
Music: “Invincible” by OK Go (cut for length)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: not really; just lots of canon-typical violence, but that’s what spuffy is about, righ?
Thanks to my wonderful betas , and !

Summary: Two and a half minutes of Spike’s POV on Buffy. And 5 seconds of her own.

Direct Youtube link, in case embed doesn’t work:

Additional Vimeo link (if you need a download, it’s available there):
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The Reunion [Fanmix + Art]

Title: The Reunion
Creator: nvrbnkisst / nvrbnkisst
Form: Fanmix inluding 1 wallpaper, 4 gifs, and thoughts.

The theme ‘Time After Time’ got me thinking this round, and I knew I wanted to do something kind of AU.
So this is a fanmix + art stuff that is basically a soundtrack to some of my crazy post-chosen-head-canon/thoughts for these two crazy kids.

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The Wait [Fanvideo]

Title: The Wait
Creator: nvrbnkisst
Song & Artist: Fire Escape by Matthew Mayfield
Description: Buffy & Spike and the rivers of hope & denial they swim in. They are each others homes, they just don’t know to grasp that. “You know what I am, and you come to me all the same

So, I really don’t like this video. I’ve reworked a bunch of stuff. Over and Over. and I know I say this every time, but I’m really not ok with this. In fact, the only reason I’m posting it is because I didn’t have any other videos finished to post for my day. So I’m really sorry this is not my best work.

I have a couple other artsy things to post so I hope those will make up for this.


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Mix: Hey Baby, Won’t You Take a Chance?

Hi! My posting day has technically been over for an hour and forty-six minutes. I wrote my posting date down wrong, and thought I was supposed to be posting on the seventeenth, not the sixteenth. My fic isn’t quite post-ready (I was planning on polishing it up in the morning and posting in the evening) so I’m going to wait for free-for-all day. But I have a fanmix ready to go now, so I hope lirazel will forgive me for encroaching on her day :-/ I am so sorry for the mix-up!

Songs, lyrics, and a gifspam can be found on my LJ at this link:

Fanmix: No One’s Ever Gonna Love You

Originally, I wanted to write one more fic for before this round ended, but RL has not been conducive to anything that requires long bursts of focus or creativity, so. Instead, I decided to finish up this Spike/Buffy mix that I’ve had sitting about half-done in my iTunes since forever.

It’s basically my soundtrack to Buffy and Spike’s relationship (from Spike’s POV) starting in season five once Spike decides he’s in love with Buffy and then going on through the rest of their on-show relationship (with a heavy emphasis on s6-esque songs because that’s currently my favorite season due to all of the angst and makeouts).

Many, many thanks to the mods for running and maintaining this awesome community <3333

Fanmix: Burning in Blue

Here be my next offering :-). So, my typical listening fair is either classic rock or blues, jazz, and ancient recordings of showtunes, etc. Listening to some of these exquisitely crafted songs while trying to write fic, I just couldn’t help but think of my favorite fictional pair. So I put together a bunch of old songs by female blues and jazz singers. You can probably tell my musical crushes by this mix (Billie Holiday and George Gershwin topping the list).

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Spuffy Extravaganza! the!SEQUEL: Video (All We’re Good For)

Title: All We’re Good For
Creator: Nvrbnkisst
Form: Fanvid

Song: Nightwatchmen by Bell X1
Description: Buffy & Spike and all they’re good for.
Notes: The song is really what had me making this video, I’d never really heard a song like it (which is surprising with the amount of music I listen to). I have a kink for good buildup in songs, and that’s all this is, it’s doesn’t have a chorus, the verses are side by side but each one that starts is a continuation of the last one. And it’s just really pretty. and speaks of Spuffy on a huge scale. This band should be more famous.

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