Interactive poetry kit: The Spuffiest Words

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Title: The Spuffiest Words
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz
Rating: NC-17 to be safe
Link to poetry kit: HERE
I was going to make a poetry kit in honor of “Some Assembly Required”, but then I started thinking it should be SPUFFIER, and I went off on a tangent trying to find which words are The Most Spuffy, using a few pages of AO3 and an online word frequency counter. This word-rearranging poetry kit contains approximately half of my results. :)

Further notes:
I added some more generic words to help with grammar.
Not sure if the end result is more poetry kit or conversation starter. Let’s find out.
Be warned that everything is fashionably lowercase because that’s how it comes through the word frequency counter.

Rules for playing with the words:
-> You can move words around to form phrases and things! Let’s write the Spuffiest poem!
-> Everything might change, so save any word patterns immediately if you want to save.
-> It’s okay to take and move words from a phrase someone has already made, provided you don’t see them working on it right this moment.
-> It’s okay to copy the words that are in the smaller font size! (articles, auxiliary verbs, and so forth)
-> If the page crashes, please just try coming back later.

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