Interactive poetry kits! o/

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Title: Becoming poetry kits

Author: thenewbuzwuzz

Rating: PG-13 (potentially)
Notes: You know the drill! Let’s rearrange the dialogue of Becoming until it Becomes something else.

Links to poetry kits:
To play with the full text of Buffy and Spike’s conversation from ”Hello, cutie” to ”Let’s get inside”, go
To try another Becoming kit that is enhanced with things like Latin and rhymes, go
Further notes:

This is meant to work like magnetic poetry: you can drag the words around and arrange them into new phrases. I’m using the word ‘poetry’ broadly. It can be whatever you like. I hope it’s fun!

Please count on everything changing. If you want to save a word pattern, it’s probably best to do it immediately. In turn, if you see a word pattern that someone else made, you are absolutely allowed to take it apart again (unless you see they’re working on it right that moment). I encourage you to leave the words disarranged after you’re done.

The files might freeze if multiple people are present. Please try the other link if the one you’re on keeps lagging.

Based on helpful feedback by , you can have *more words* this time. Enjoy!

Becoming, part 2, was written and directed by Joss Whedon and transcribed by AleXander Thompson.

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