Spuffy poem recs: light/darkness imagery

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Title: Spuffy poem recs: light/darkness imagery
Author: thenewbuzwuzz
A/N: For this free-for-all day, I’ll make a rec post to celebrate our new tag, “form: meta/recs”. I am certain that I’m only scratching the surface of the category I chose. Say, what are your favorite Spuffy works that involve night/day or light/darkness? We could rec all day…

My Guiding Light by Ultrawoman
Sweet and peaceful Touched poem. I find it remarkable that the light image is associated with Spike, not Buffy.

Two Become One by spikeisthebigbad
This person courageously set out to use the word ”effulgent” in a serious way. I think it worked!

The Ballad of Buffy and Spike by nepalichik
“If Sun and Moon met on galaxy’s edge…”

Poem I in Five Poems Spike Wrote about Buffy (and One that She Wrote about Him) by Quinara
Brilliant bit of intertextual fun. “she tells the night to fuck itself”

Fire Back by Angearia
The full yin-yang monty. :)

[Edited to fix formatting and to add two more!]

Flashblind by Quinara
Some grim and interesting twists on the connotations of heaven and light.

Reaching for the sun by The madness in me
With side ships Spike/Cecily, Spike/Drusilla, Spike/Poetry.

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