Poem and an Icon: Summers

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Here’s the 2nd of 3 morsels for the day…

Title: Summers
Author: readerjane
Rating: G
Timeline: early S6
Word count: 103
Disclaimer: Still not mine, alas.
Author’s Note: I wish I was a better icon artist. I played with this quite a bit and couldn’t get the wheel-of-seasons effect I wanted. Still, if anyone wants to snag it, feel free!

The smell of cocoa brings her back to him;
autumnal woman, all her harvests grown,
who watched unflinching while he bared his heart,
befriended him as if he were a man.

How can the dead coax winter from the grave
she earned, cold hands melt ice, mouth without breath
breathe life into the Slayer slain? What gift
can warm enough to compensate for rest?

So strange, to be entrusted with this life;
spring lamb he would have eaten not long since,
unlikely shepherd. Childless. Worth the fight,
to see her morning suffers no eclipse.

For three women he’ll surrender all his days
and find the strength to stand in summer’s blaze.


Originally posted at http://seasonal-spuffy.livejournal.com/398767.html