Free for all day: blackout poems from shooting scripts

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Good morning! *beams* It’s a beautiful day to ship Spuffy.

The idea: Because any Buffy script can be Spuffy if you read between the lines. ;)
Thanks: to the mods for making the whole thing happen; freecat15 for encouraging me; the absent tumblr user alightintheswamp for betaing the “Welcome to the Hellmouth” poem.
Explanations & excuses: The poems are NOT set during the episodes that the words are from. I’ve included text versions and two kinds of clickable image versions, so if you want you can try and read the classic blackout way, or look at where the words came from. I ignore capitalization for the text versions, and I messed with the unused parts of the text a little so that the images wouldn’t be too huge.
Rating Tagging NC-17 in case, for mentions of sex.
Medium: blackout poetry.
Other pairings: not intentionally. I’ve stretched the name “Will” to mean William the Bloody in one line, so if that doesn’t work for you, it’s a Willow/Buffy poem. I hope it does work for you.
Disclaimer: All the words were written by Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt. I merely selected the ones I like best. The only pay I’m after is attention.

“Angel” (softcore angst and fluff, h/c, could be alternate s6; no mentions of Angel)

what’s it like where you are?

most of the time,

don’t go.
I’m tired, I don’t want to play games.


very close
come in

don’t leave.
click for full size

“Doppelgängland” (s6, angst with a dash of smut)

good girls
play Mistress of Pain every night.

Will grabs her from behind
mouth at her throat
Oh. Oh.
would that mean we have to snuggle?
No more! you freak

the thing she came here to get
looks at her

It’s horrible. That’s me?

What do we do now?

I have a really bad idea that’s good

We come hard and fast
like a nightmare
click for full size

“Welcome to the Hellmouth” (could be s5, melodramatic schmoop with some angst)

past shatters
her face echoing in the emptiness

her voice inside my blood
her eyes the morning light

I burn down
into her.
I don’t know me.

(a million people died
as plague I kill to live)

everything there is about yourself
full of streaming sunlight

Buffy steps in.
I’m new.
click for full size; there are two images


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