Fic: The Curious Case of the Campus Intruders (Chapter 1/5)

Hello and welcome to my posting day! I’d like to thank the mods for keeping this fine community going, and my fellow fans for keeping your Spuffy faith strong this many years! How ’bout this season of the comics, huh? ;)

I have a new story for you. The first chapter’s all I have beta’d so far, but I hope to take full advantage of the Free-For-All days later. I would love to hear what you think so far (please please please)!

Title: The Curious Case of the Campus Intruders (Chapter 1)
Setting: Season 4, around the time of Pangs and Something Blue. Spike’s chipped and seeking asylum with the Slayer, but our pairing has yet to experience Willow’s spell.
Rating: PG-13 for this chapter
Genre: Mystery/drama
Beta: The illustrious All4Spike. All remaining/fresh errors mine.
Comments: Would you please be so kind? :)

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Fic: Dreamless (Chapter 2/3, Rated R)

Title: Dreamless
Author: feliciacraft
Rating: R
Setting: Early S6 AU, soon after the resurrection
Word Count: ~1,000 (Chapter 2)
Summary: Resurrected, Buffy doesn’t dream anymore. But she still patrols. So, everything’s OK, right?
Feedback: Always welcome. Thanks!
Trigger Warnings: depression, suicide ideation.
Betas: I asked for help with some content that has since shifted to Chapter 3, and what I received from darkheartwalsh, il_mio_capitano, freecat15, and rahirah was the most amazing, thoughtful, detailed, inspiring, and all-around awesome constructive criticism — for the entire story — I’ve ever been blessed with. Not to mention on short notice, too! Any and all errors you see are the result of my very last minute revisions. THANK YOU!
A/N: Once again, this story has a happy ending. (My wonderful betas have seen it.) ;)Previously: Dreamless – Chapter 1


Dreamless – Chapter 2

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Fic: Dreamless (Chapter 1/3, Rated R)

Title: Dreamless
Author: feliciacraft
Rating: R
Setting: Early S6 AU, soon after the resurrection
Word Count: ~2,000 (Chapter 1)
Summary: Resurrected, Buffy doesn’t dream anymore. But she still patrols. So, everything’s OK, right?
Beta: The wonderful and steadfast All4Spike. Thank you!

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Fic: The Replacement (Rated R)

Hello everyone, welcome to my posting day. I have a fluffy/humourous one-shot for you. It’s been a tough couple of weeks (and I don’t mean just the writing), so I thought I’d do my part to help cheer everyone up. I’ve had to dig real deep for this, scrapping two depressing Season 6 stories and thus sparing you thousands of words of sad (you’re welcome). :)

Thanks to baphrosia  (aka spuffyluvr) for the 2015 prompt about a robot vampire on sb_fag_ends. A heart-felt thank you to the mods, fellow creators and fans, for keeping Seasonal Spuffy alive and thriving after all these years!

Rated: R for sexually suggestive language.
Setting: Early Season 7 with a reimagined happy Season 6, because that’s what happened (in my head). You can interpret the in-story reference to Spike’s absence as his soul-searching journey in canon, though it’s not elaborated on.
Word Count: 1100
Beta: The speedy, wonderful and supportive All4Spike. Thank you! (Apologies for keeping all the long sentences.)
Feedback: Yes, please! It would make my day, and make 2016 that much more tolerable. Thank you!

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Fic: The Anniversary Gift (Chapter 1/2, R) by feliciacraft

Here is the second offering I have for you today! (The first story, “Those Three Little Words”, is posted here.)

May I present the first part of a fluffy fic, set in a happier and Spuffier AU Season 7. The second part of the story will be posted on one of the remaining free-for-all days.

Title: The Anniversary Gift (Chapter 1)
Word count: ~1400
Summary: A first Spuffy anniversary. In this chapter, Buffy attempts to write a poem as an anniversary gift for Spike. Yeeeah. :P
Setting: AU S7 without the dark S6, because it’s my story. :)
Rating: R (so far) for suggestive content.
A/N: Felicia turns her back on angst/drama for fluffy humor! *gasp* (And has Buffy suffer through writer’s block as a surrogate.) :P Context-switching between writing this goofy story and the more somber Those Three Little Words (posted just before this) has been a bipolar experience. Hopefully it turned out OK so far. Beta’d by the effulgent All4Spike.
Feedback: Won’t you please be so kind? :)

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Fic: Those Three Little Words (R) by feliciacraft

Hello, my fellow Spuffy readers! I’m so excited to have my posting day here at Seasonal Spuffy Round 20! *does a happy dance* Thanks to the mods and everyone for making this community possible. I *heart* all of you so much! Here’s to another 20, yeah? :P

I have one completed fic (this one) and the first part of a second fic (Chapter 1 of “The Anniversary Gift”) for your diversion and entertainment today. The rest of the second story will be posted on one of the remaining free-for-all days.

Title: Those Three Little Words
Word count: ~3500
Setting: Mid-episode towards the end of “Chosen”; canon-compliant.
Rating: R for violence, etc. consistent with the TV show.
A/N: Not fluffy. (“The Anniversary Gift” is the fluffy one.) But if you’ve watched “Chosen” to the end, well, it’s like that, only… not exactly. ;) I kind of agonized over this story, reeeally not sure how it’ll be received. Little nervous about that. Early draft beta’d by the wondrous All4Spike, before I altered it significantly in the last 48 hours. So, all errors my own, with too many lattes partially to blame.
Feedback: Yes yes yes, please! Oh, pretty please? (Okay, putting away that latte, now…)

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Fic: Relief (NC-17)

Happy tenth anniversary to Seasonal Spuffy! Yay! I’m so happy to have found this fandom and all of you! :)

The following ficlet is from the yet unposted Chapter 12 of my post-S5/S6 rewrite, Edge of Sorrow, Heart of Truth. You may have seen excerpts from earlier chapters that I posted for the last round of SeasonalSpuffy. You don’t need to have read the other 11 chapters to read this!

Title: Relief
Author: feliciacraft
Rating: NC-17
Setting: S6 AU
Word Count: ~2800.

Beta’d by the stupendous All4Spike, before I tore it apart. :P Special guest red pencil by the fabulous and illuminous AnnaH and bewilde. You have my undying gratitude. All remaining errors are the result of my last-minute tinkering.

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Fic: What Lay Onward and What Behind, Chapter 1 (Rated R)

I cannot resist another offering to seasonal_spuffy (hallowed be thy name!), a spanking-new-fic that will be finished in the next week. Thanks again to the mods and all my fellow participants for this spectacular round of Seasonal Spuffy!

Title: What Lay Onward and What Behind
Author: feliciacraft
Continuity: Set a decade after “Chosen”
Warning: Buffy/Other
Length: ~3400 Words
Rating: R
Betas: all4spike (who speedily ran the piece through her fine comb), baphrosia and dragonyphoenix, for their special guest critique, who are just the kind of critics a writer’s dreams are made of. Thank you all so much! This is a work in progress, so all remaining errors are mine.
Author’s Note: Since my wonderful f-list has encouraged me to hold fast and steady to my own artistic vision and not to pander, note the Buffy/Other (F/M) in this story. Also: I’ve never been to Japan or Cambodia (layovers don’t count, I think). Let me know if anything doesn’t ring true. Otherwise, much praise is due to Google.
Feedback: Yes, yes and yes please! Won’t you be so kind?

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Fic: A Spuffy Scene in Which a Resurrected Buffy Has a Hard Time and Spike Tries to Help, Rated R

My last scheduled post! If you read just one piece from me today, could you please make it this one?

Far from a final version (as with any major decision I make in life I need to let it settle and “sleep on it”) but I was up until 2am this morning hashing it out, so this is very much my focus right now. It’s alternate Season 6 in the Edge of Sorrow ‘verse and Buffy has been resurrected! Not surprisingly, she’s having a hard time. But it’s no big deal, and Spike will save the day, right? I’m calling this piece simply, “Slayer, Resurrected”. Word count: 4115.

We’re getting to the plot twist at the heart of Edge of Sorrow here, with a reveal(!) at the very end on which I’m very interested in hearing feedback, because it will drive the rest of what is probably going to end up a novella-length story.

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Fic: A Spuffy Scene in Which Dawn Makes a Discovery, Rated PG

Another short scene (912 words) from a future chapter of my S6 rewrite, Edge of Sorrow, Heart of Truth, structured here as a standalone ficlet titled “Homework”, in which Dawn makes a Spuffy discovery (concerning an event covered in great detail in the S5 one-shot titled “Enough” linked from the End Notes). Feedback welcome.

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Fic: A Spuffy Scene in Which Spike Misses Buffy, Rated R

It just occurred to me that the two new chapters I posted of Edge of Sorrow, Heart of Truth were not particularly or even strictly Spuffy, which because I had the whole, entire story in my head, was easy to overlook.

So I give you three true Spuffy scenes from upcoming chapters of the same S6 story. No knowledge of prior chapters required (though it would be awfully nice of you to read them, *wink wink*). Again, the only key divergence from canon at this point is that Buffy and Spike had a tentative, consummated relationship in S5, prior to Buffy’s death.

Word count: 1204.

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Fic: Edge of Sorrow, Heart of Truth, Chapter 5 (PG-13)

Hello! I’m contributing to seasonal_spuffy for the first time this year, and very excited to be posting today. Thank you, mods and fellow participants, for making this happen!

First up, Chapters 5 and 6 of my Season ~6 rewrite, Edge of Sorrow, Heart of Truth. These two chapters, set in the summer before Buffy is resurrected, are canon-compliant and self-contained. No prior knowledge required.

Summary: Giles makes a surprising discovery about Spike in his crypt and ends up rather the worse for wear, and Willow takes on extracurricular activities.

One notable departure from canon so far: In this verse Buffy and Spike have embarked on a budding relationship in Season 5 (in a trilogy of one-shots), culminating in my first NC-17 story where they consummate said relationship. Spike is also (more) accepted by the Scoobies. Edge of Sorrow will depart further from canon later on, but I think for now that’s all that’s different.

no title

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