Poetry: Dance Fight Love

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Author SueWriteRo (DW)/WriteRo (LJ)
Title Dance Fight Love
Rating and warnings R
Word count 169
Medium Poetry
Setting S6 during Buffy and Spike’s affair

He called it a dance

She just sees it

As a fight,

Another battle to be won.

He’s not a partner

Not a lover

Just another demon

That’s what she tells herself

Even though she knows

It’s not true.

Even as she throws a

Punch to his jaw

Spins into a roundhouse

Kick that sends him


She knows this is more

Than just a fight

She knows he’s right.

It’s a dance




Still a dance

She’d love to sit it out

But knows she must

Dance with him

See it through to the

End, bitter, painful,

End. Knowing even as she

Throws punch after punch

Kick after kick

That the end is tragedy

Pain of a different kind

For her

For him

For both of them.

But still she’s helpless to stop it

And so they dance

And fight

And fuck

And in the end destroy

Each other

Broken dolls at the end of the

Day, like other broken

Dolls in the

Universe, this



Originally posted at https://seasonal-spuffy.dreamwidth.org/792385.html