Manip – Blackout Poems

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The script I worked from is Beneath You – one of my all time favorite episodes of the entire series and one of the finest performances of James Marsters and Sarah Michell Gellar.  Hope you like the poems I came up with – I plan on doing others.   I did not have the time to do the third one – I wanted to do the final “can we rest now” section – no time.

Once again I was reminded of how different the shooting scripts and the final episodes were – the superb church scene, which as I understand was worked on by Joss Whedon, is so different.  With no intent to belittle the script created by Douglas Petrie – the final church scene takes on the quality of a soul in torment and chaos reaching out to the mercy of devine intervention which for Spike is Buffy which eventually becomes their cleansing and joining in Chosen.

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