Spuffy Extravaganza! the!SEQUEL: Video (All We’re Good For)

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Title: All We’re Good For
Creator: Nvrbnkisst
Form: Fanvid

Song: Nightwatchmen by Bell X1
Description: Buffy & Spike and all they’re good for.
Notes: The song is really what had me making this video, I’d never really heard a song like it (which is surprising with the amount of music I listen to). I have a kink for good buildup in songs, and that’s all this is, it’s doesn’t have a chorus, the verses are side by side but each one that starts is a continuation of the last one. And it’s just really pretty. and speaks of Spuffy on a huge scale. This band should be more famous.

Direct YouTube Link

Download links will be available at my website shortly. This video in paticular is quite a large file, I’m working on rendering it smaller for those that want to dl.

And unless I finish the two vids I’m working on now, this is my last entry today until free for all day. I hope I’ve started this round off decently and that you’ve all enjoyed!
Thanks to the mods for keeping this community running and keeping the Spuffy Lovin alive in all our hearts! :)


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