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Disclaimer: I don’t own this.  Maybe someday Joss will give me these characters, but for now I am playing in his sandbox.

 Part Four

Weeks had passed and they were still no closer to figuring out what the fuck was going on. Spike stood on the deserted street heading back to the giant cockroach ship. Dawn was in bits, Willow was in research mode and Xander was making jibes at his favourite verbal punching bag. For once Spike was the one with the level head. They knew that she had been pulled into some portal and was most likely in another dimension but that was all they had managed to find out. Without magic there was very little that could be done to help find her. Spike regularly made the rounds of all the demon bars in San Francisco to try and see if he could gather more information. He even made visits to the San Francisco Police Department and hassled Dowling for any information he could spare. Either nobody knew anything or they weren’t talkin’. In this case no soddin’ news was bad news. Where could the Slayer have disappeared to? And more importantly who was responsible? Spike was determined he would rip them limb from limb when he got his hands on them, soul be damned. With a sinking feeling he realised it was time to call in Peaches. The idea had been playing on his mind for the past two weeks. He knew they couldn’t hold off on it any longer. He was going to get himself good and drunk before he delivered that unwelcome news to the Scooby gang.


Buffy was so sick of the white walls and she was always hungry. The meagre rations they gave her were nowhere near enough to fill the gnawing pit in her stomach. She figured it was part of their mind games.   How could she let this happen? Since when was she the victim. Oh Mommy! God, how she wanted her mother and feel her arms wrapped about her telling her everything was going to be alright even if it wasn’t. Her eyes filled with tears. She sniffled and wiped them away. She didn’t want to let them see her weak.

“Buffy, you’re strong. You can do this.” Joyce’s voice reverberated in her mind.

“No, I can’t,” she said. If any of her friends could see her now, they would be surprised to see how easily her spirit had been broken. She was the Slayer and her friends had always put her on a pedestal that was hard to reach.

“Yes, you can sweetheart.”

“You’re not real,” Buffy protested.

“But you are. I’m part of you.”

As pathetic as it was it gave her strength and when the man came in the door she was ready.


Chapter Five

The Scooby meeting was in full swing. Xander and Dawn squeezed into one armchair while Willow pored through books in the other. Spike couldn’t sit and paced the room instead. Back and forth.

“We should call Angel,” he announced reluctantly. “We’re getting nowhere. He might be able to help as much as it pains me to admit and it pains me a lot to say anything positive about that wanker.”

“No way!” Xander shook his head. “That bastard killed Giles and I don’t care what name he was giving himself that week.”

“I don’t trust him either,” Dawn agreed. “Besides what good would he be when he has been living in England this last few months?”

Spike bounced on the balls of his feet. “Can’t believe I am standing up for the wanker, but he does love Buffy. That’s the only thing that I do trust.”

Willow looked up from her book, “I’m with Spike. We need all the help we can get.”

Dawn shrugged. “Whatever. I can put up with Mr. Broody if it means we get Buffy back.”

Xander sighed heavily. “It’s a bad idea.”

Decision made the next question was who was going to call Angel.



The door of Buffy’s cell swung open and the guard walked in with her meal. She waited until the man had loosened her ropes on her wrists to allow her eat. She moved quickly from her position on the bed and she knocked the tray into the face of her captor. He roared in pain and lunged at her. The door behind him was open and Buffy seeing her opportunity ducked under his arms. She reached the door only to run into the broad chest of another guard.

The man slapped her hard across the face and she fell to the ground. “Oh Ms. Summers, you bad girl. Don’t you remember what happens when you try and escape?” Having no super strength sucked. She had failed yet again and she knew the punishment would be severe. He grabbed her by the arms and his hold was so tight she knew there would be bruises tomorrow. She tried to escape his grasp but he was too strong.

“Are you even human?” she asked.

This wasn’t the first time she had tried to escape. It wasn’t even the second or third time but they all ended like this. The man took her from the corridor and went through the double doors at the end.

Not the chair. Please, not the chair.

The room looked almost like a dental surgery with a chair in the middle. Lilah was waiting there.

“I knew you would be back soon, sweetie.” Lilah loomed over her.

Buffy heard the snapping of the metal bands as they enclosed her wrists and her ankles.

“Open wide,” Lilah urged.

Buffy clamped her jaws shut knowing they were going to shove liquid down her throat. Despite her best efforts her mouth was forced opened and foul concoction was poured into it. It wouldn’t be long now until…

Pain. Excruciating pain. Her nerves were on fire in every part of her body and she screamed.


To be continued…

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