Broken (Chapter 9)

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Summary: Buffy is missing when Spike returns to San Francisco. Comics verse – goes au after Season 9 Vol 10. Dawn’s distraught and turns to Spike for help. Meanwhile Buffy’s struggling to keep herself together. Can they find her? This was originally written for the last Seasonal Spuffy round and I hope to finish it this time. Amazing banner made by wonder and ashes!!

Author: Waddiwasiwitch

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Adult Language, Torture

Yay – Free for All Day. I’ll have more for the next Free for All Days (I hope).


Chapter Nine

Buffy wasn’t sure how long she was in the god forsaken place, but it felt like an age. Lilah and others had hinted that time moved faster in this dimension. That she was in a different dimension was the one thing that she knew for sure. If that was possible, then they must have some serious mojo since magic was gone from her dimension. There were days when she would have given anything not to see the same four walls when she woke up. Now, she couldn’t see anything anymore. Closing her eyes used to be her refuge against the nightmare of her everyday existence. She would close her eyes and think of Dawn graduated from school, of Xander making an inappropriate joke, Willow doing a spell and of Spike flirting with her. Now – there was little solace in the darkness. Only in her sleep could there be any escape. People said that your other senses compensated for the lack of one, but in Buffy’s experience.
The door creaked open and a clack of heels suggested she was again in the company of the odious Lilah Morgan.
“Well, Buffy, I hope you’ve been using this time productively.”
Buffy couldn’t find the energy to reply, but her treacherous stomach picked that moment to leave out a growl to rival a vampire’s.
“Are you hungry, honey?” Lilah crooned. “Well, you know what to do.”
“Never,” Buffy rasped.
Her throat was so dry and she had no water since morning.
“Gerry!” Lilah called.
The Slayer froze for a moment and clomping footsteps informed her that Gerry was indeed in the room.
“Now, give her that water,” Lilah ordered.
Buffy sighed in relief and waited patiently for a cup to be lifted to her dry lips. She was taken aback when a torrent of icy water hit her, headfirst. She gasped for breath and shivered.
“You’re fucking crazy!”
She could feel the droplets of water dripping from all over her body. Disregarding any dignity she had left, she stuck out her tongue to gather some of the water dripping from her nose.
“So, Buffy, tell us where the key is?”
Buffy ignored the woman. She didn’t know how much longer she would last, but the one thing she did know was that she would never give up her sister. She would rather die and that option was starting to look increasingly likely.


Spike was covered in dust and blood as he made his way to the space ship. Faith had taken Dowling out for a post zompire slayage drink. He had been asked to come along, but he really wasn’t feeling it. Dawn had asked that he call to her apartment. He had sensed that things between her and the whelp weren’t going well at the moment, but he had chalked it down to the stress of Buffy’s disappearance. Now that he thought about, she was kind of pale and sickly looking recently. He stopped in his tracks, eyes narrowed. The whelp better not have gotten her pregnant. Soul or no soul, he’d rip out his throat. He shook off that frightening thought and continued on his way. There was no sign of Willow returning anytime soon and Spike decided he needed to get to Los Angeles as soon as possible. As he neared the space ship, he spotted Sebastian rushing towards him.
“His Majesty!” Sebastian clacked his fingers. “Are you hurt?”
The vampire had to push him away, “It’s not my blood. Don’t piss yourself.”
Despite his brusque demeanour, he couldn’t help but be pleased with the bugs’ devotion for him.
“Have you found your mate, yet?”
“She’s not my mate,” Spike snapped. “Did you do what I asked?”
“Yes your majesty. We tracked down the being called Illyria. She is New York.”
“And none of you bugs approached her, right?”
“No, your majesty. You had instructed us to make sure we lost no bugs.”
“Good!” Spike nodded. “I’ll have to speak with the Bit and we’ll head tomorrow.”
He wasn’t quite sure if it was a good idea, Blue was a bit of a loose cannon, but it was worth taking the risk if she could help with finding the Slayer.
“Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go, I wanna be sedated”
He fiddled in his pockets for his cellphone. “Silly bint,” he mumbled. Dawn had decided that his cellphone needed a ringtone when he wanted to keep it as it was. He hadn’t figured out how to get the ringtone off.
“Nothin’ to do and no where to go-o-oh, I wanna be sedated”
The cell had just stopped ringing when he finally laid his hands on it.
“Missed call – Red” was written on the screen.
He pressed the returned call button.
Red picked almost immediately. “Spike, can you get to Xander and Dawn’s apartment as soon as possible? I’ve got a lot to tell you.”
“Can’t you tell me over the phone?”
“It’s too complicated. I don’t want to go through it more than once, so get your ass over here.”


To be continued..

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