Broken (Part One)

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By: waddiwasiwitch
Rating: PG15
Genre: Comics verse – goes au after Season 9 Vol 10.
Disclaimer:  I don’t own this fandom. I simply play with Joss Whedon’s toys and put them back when I play with them.
Notes: The only thing you need to know about the comics is that nobody can do magic, Spike has a space ship and an adoring crew of spacebugs. This takes place after Spike leaves San Francisco after telling Buffy he still loves her and he doesn’t want to be on the fringes of her life looking in anymore.
This won’t be finished today but I will try and finish for the Free for All days. Not beta’d yet.
Warnings: Torture, Violence

Part One

“We are about to land now, sire,” Sebastian said. “We can see English Channel.”

Spike shrugged.

“Aren’t you excited about going home?”

“It hasn’t been home for a long time now.”

It was over a month since Spike had left San Francisco and taken to the skies with space bugs. Leaving Buffy behind after finding his way to her again was tough and Spike still wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do or not. He’d always put her first and maybe for once it was time to concentrate on his own needs instead. He had come a long way since he had burned up in the Hellmouth only to reappear all ghostly in LA. Soul searching and learning to be his own person had given him a self-worth that he had been missing. Forever defining himself by those he loved, he now knew he deserved to be loved too. However, admitting the feelings he had kept close to his chest since his return had changed things. He didn’t want to be her dark place anymore and he didn’t have to settle for what little crumb she would offer. Still, he couldn’t help missing her like crazy.

A half hour later the ship touched down and when Spike turned on his cell phone several voicemails and text messages from Dawn. There was a sinking feeling in his belly. He opened the most recent of the messages: “Where the hell are you? Ring me asap!”

Something was very wrong. Fuck. He tried Dawn’s cell and she answered immediately.

“Spike – thank god.”

“’Lo Bit.” Spike said.

“Where were you?” Dawn hissed. “I’ve been trying to get hold of you for the last week.”

The feeling of foreboding only increased. “What’s wrong?”

Dawn sniffled. “It’s Buffy. She’s missing.”

Spike took a step back and sagged against the wall. “Shit!”

“I guess I was hoping she might be with you,” she added.

“No she isn’t,” he said. “Didn’t leave on the best of terms in fact.”

“What happened between you guys before you left?”

“I don’t want to talk about,” Spike replied.

“Fine.” Dawn sighed. “You don’t think she’s run away again?”

“You know Big Sis. She wouldn’t do a bunk without saying something, pet. You know she wouldn’t.”

“She did once,” Dawn said quietly.

“She was a kid back then, he pointed out. “All torn up over Peaches. She wouldn’t do that now. You know she wouldn’t. Something really bad must have happened.”

“Wait a mo,“ he said to Dawn. “Sebastian,” he yelled. “Turn this ship around. We’re heading back to San Fran.”

They would find her wherever she was. As long as there was unlife in his corpse he would do anything for Buffy.


Buffy was a survivor. She wouldn’t let them win. Her friends would come.

These four walls had been her prison for what felt like weeks now. She knew it had only been about a week but it felt like so much more. Her cell had a hard bed and a chamber pot in the corner. The only colour in the room was the orange uniform they forced her to wear and it really wasn’t her colour.

Every day she awoke hoping today would be the day she would get a lucky break; she might spot a weakness she could take advantage or they might forget to dose her with the strength suppressor. It never happened, though she knew she would be ready if it did.

She struggled against her ropes cutting into her wrists and her ankles. “Let me go,” she shouted at the door, hoping somebody, anybody would hear. She was alone in this poky cell with no monsters to slay, and even if she had something to slay she would probably end up as the slayee. She wasn’t a slayer anymore – in mind or spirit. “Who the hell are you?”

Her fist slammed into the wall and she winced with the pain as knuckle met concrete. A scream was just underneath the surface waiting to explode. These creeps were cowards and wouldn’t dare face her at her full power.

The door swung open and a heavyset man wearing a white lab coat walked into the room. She glared at her only link to the outside world and her only chance of figuring what exactly was going on.

“Well, answer me!”

He rolled in eyes and said nothing.

“Are you dumb as well as ugly?”

He reached into his lab coat pocket and Buffy stiffened knowing immediately what he was about to do. No! She wasn’t going to let his see her fear and she would never beg. She braced herself as he made his way across the cell and grabbed her roughly.

When I get my hands on this bastard I might just revise my rule about not killing humans. Her eyes filled with angry tears as she felt the sting of the needle going into her arm. The man dropped her on floor with a thud. Looking at the man’s polished shoes Buffy spat on them.

He gave her a swift kick in the stomach in response. She curled into the foetal position and he left her alone. She was nearly always alone now. She could feel the drugs kicking in and tried to fight the unconsciousness. She shuddered to think what they would do to her unconscious body. When she came two god knows how many hours later she would ache all over. Her last thought before she blacked out was every day it was the same.

To be continued…

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