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Disclaimer: No matter how much I wish it wasn’t so.  I  don’t own any of these characters or situations you recognise in this fic.   Here’s hoping I can get as much of the fic up today as possible.  Here is part three and part four.  Please let me know what you think, folks.

Part Three

Crunch. Blood splashed as fist connected with cartilage. Spike’s soul might chafe a little under violence but his demon relished in it. Dowling, his pal from the precinct, called him with a lead. The supposed witness was a demon and the SFPD might be adept at slaying zompires but a real demon was a different kettle of fish. The demon in question was a Loose Skinned Demon and harmless to humans. Kittens on the other hand were their favourite meal.

Spike went into game face, “Tell me about the Slayer!”

He grabbed the demon by the neck and threw the demon hard against the wall.

“I don’t know anything,” the liar choked out.

Spike threw another punch with his free hand. He cast a quick glance at the copper – white faced and uncomfortable. Poor Dowling didn’t know what he left himself in for insisting on tagging along on this mission. Still the bloke had balls and kept himself together to play to good cop to Spike’s bad vampire.

“Tell us the truth,” Dowling interjected. “This isn’t going well for you. There’s no point in lying and Spike will continue to beat you until he gets the information we need.”

“Happens a good friend of ours has disappeared and I will do anything to get her back.”

The demon gulped as Spike ran his tongue across his fangs.

“Ever wonder where I got my nickname from?”

“There was a flash of green light. It looked like a portal and she was sucked through.”

Spike and Dowling looked at one another.

“But that’s impossible,” Dowling said. “There’s no magic anymore.”




“Just because there is no magic on your dimension doesn’t mean that we can’t open a portal from our side.”

“Huh?” Buffy glared at the bitch.

“You’re not in Kansas anymore, Ms Summers.” Lilah smiled. “I always wanted to say that.”

“Got that, bitch.” Buffy’s fist itched to wipe the smirk off her face.

Lilah ran her finger along her lip. “You’re feisty. I like you.”

“And I hate you,” Buffy spat. “You said you were going to fill me on what was going on and so far all I got was the freaking obvious.”

“Have patience, sweetie.” Lilah started to pace the floor, her hands behind her back. “I think we can help each other out. You answer me a few little questions and I promise I’ll answer yours.”

She gave Buffy a calculating look.

Buffy shook her head, “I’ll never help you.”

“Fine. Suit yourself. I’m sure you’ll change your mind…in time and I’ve got all the time in the world.”

“Bite me!”

“Sorry, sweetie. I’m not a vampire.”  She turned her back on Buffy and slammed the door shut.


According to the demon the last place Buffy has been seen was in the parking lot of the local cinema.  The vampire stalked the area looking for something, anything.  It was no different than any other parking lot – cars, popcorn cartons strewn on the ground, overflowing skips.  Her scent was long gone at this stage.  Spike didn’t know if there was any advantage in knowing where it happened.  They still had fuck all to go on.  He figure he better go back to the gang and let them know the news.  Desperate for a smoke, Spike fished in his pockets for the fags and lighter.  He lit one and put it to his lips.   He turned to the demon, whom Dowling had restrained.  He had hoped the wanker would have more information but he could tell the demon was being truthful.  Spike went into game face.  And with a flash of fang and amber eyes he rounded on the demon again, “You better be telling us everything.  You can go.  Though if you hear anything you come and tell your friend, Spike.”

Dowling let the demon go.  “Anyone ever tell you just how creepy you can be?”  The y watched as the demon ran as though it’s life depeneded on it.

Spike took a puff on his cigarette, “Thanks, mate.”  Demon visage had disappeared as quickly as it came.

“You!”  Dowling looked at him and shook his head. “You’re not like other vampires, man. It’s easy to forget you’re not human sometimes.”


Part Four

Weeks had passed and they were still no closer to figuring out what the fuck was going on. Spike stood on the deserted street heading back to the giant cockroach ship. Dawn was in bits, Willow was in research mode and Xander was making jibes at his favourite verbal punching bag. For once Spike was the one with the level head. They knew that she had been pulled into some portal and was most likely in another dimension but that was all they had managed to find out. Without magic there was very little that could be done to help find her. Spike regularly made the rounds of all the demon bars in San Francisco to try and see if he could gather more information. He even made visits to the San Francisco Police Department and hassled Dowling for any information he could spare. Either nobody knew anything or they weren’t talkin’. In this case no soddin’ news was bad news. Where could the Slayer have disappeared to? And more importantly who was responsible? Spike was determined he would rip them limb from limb when he got his hands on them, soul be damned. With a sinking feeling he realised it was time to call in Peaches. The idea had been playing on his mind for the past two weeks. He knew they couldn’t hold off on it any longer. He was going to get himself good and drunk before he delivered that unwelcome news to the Scooby gang.


 Buffy was so sick of the white walls and she was always hungry. The meagre rations they gave her were nowhere near enough to fill the gnawing pit in her stomach. She figured it was part of their mind games.   How could she let this happen? Since when was she the victim. Oh Mommy! God, how she wanted her mother and feel her arms wrapped about her telling her everything was going to be alright even if it wasn’t. Her eyes filled with tears. She sniffled and wiped them away. She didn’t want to let them see her weak.

“Buffy, you’re strong. You can do this.” Joyce’s voice reverberated in her mind.

“No, I can’t,” she said. If any of her friends could see her now, they would be surprised to see how easily her spirit had been broken. She was the Slayer and her friends had always put her on a pedestal that was hard to reach. It felt almost impossible now without her natural strength.

“Yes, you can, sweetheart.”

“You’re not real,” Buffy protested.

“But you are. I’m part of you.”

As pathetic as it was it gave her strength and, when the man came in the door, she was ready.


To be continued… LATER TODAY.   I hope this story makes some sort of sense.  I’m trying to say as much as I can in each small part.  Thanks for reading.


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